Lacrosse in the Olympics?

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the world as of now and is continuing to just keep expanding. Not only are more and more young children starting to play, but more and more Colleges and Universities are starting to set up lacrosse programs. With a sport becoming this big, you would think that it would get more media coverage then it does. Yes there are a couple NCAA games on during the season, but Major League Lacrosse is barely on television and sports shows like SportsCenter don't cover the sport. BUT, this should soon change. olympics In a couple years, I think lacrosse will be one of the most heavily talked about sports and will be seen on television a lot more. If everything works out, lacrosse will be aired a ton during the Summer of 2024 in the Olympic Games. Rumors are going around that lacrosse will finally be an Olympic Sport starting 2024, and it rightfully deserves so. Some think lacrosse might be able to start in the 2020 Tokyo, Japan Olympic Games because of the amount of players that play there. With 20,000 current Japanese lacrosse players playing now, sources say that a host country can petition for a sport to be added. If the number of Japanese players continue to increase, Japan as a country can push for the sport to be played. usa lax Lacrosse deserves more, and hopefully we will get more in these next upcoming years. As more Colleges and Universities set up lacrosse programs, the more popular lacrosse will be and hopefully will be talked about more in the sports world. If lacrosse is added to the Olympic Games, I think it will start taking over and become one of the most popular sports in the world.

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