Lacrosse Customer Reviews

Here at Universal Lacrosse we have a high value on our customers’ feedback. We like to know what you all think of the products that we sell and do everything we can to get you what you are looking for. We decided to reach out to our #STRINGSQUAD guys from Instagram to see what products they trust and love. Our boy @TURTLESTRINGS gave some love to one of his personal favorites, the Nike CEO. Here’s what he had to say: “The Nike CEO lacrosse head is the ideal head for any offensive player. This head is great for any attack man who prefers a tight face shape. The face shape helps with ball retention. This head is also a great head for a face-off midfielder. It has a pointed scoop that is perfect for easily acquiring ground balls. I've taken 100's of face-offs with it and it sill is stiff enough throw a good poke check or to not collapse on ground balls.
Nike CEO Nike CEO
Stringing wise this head is one of the most fun heads to string, it has plenty of holes allowing for you to get the pocket of your choice. The high flare of the head also makes it extremely easy to get a good channel in your pocket without much effort. There is one slight con to this head as it warps relatively quickly causing durability concerns. Even if this head breaks faster than other heads I would still buy it over any other head on the market. It is overall the best offensive head available out of the many heads I've tried. I recommend this head for all attack men as well as midfielders. If you are in the market for a new head I would seriously consider purchasing this head over any other head on the market. - @TURLESTRINGS” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. The Nike CEO is quickly becoming one of the go to choices for a lot of faceoff specialists and with good reason. Not many heads are capable of taking the abuse that a faceoff head needs, but rest assured the CEO can roll with the punches. For the defensive side of the field @HIGHSTRUNGLACROSSE said that the Maverik Tank is one of the BEST defensive heads ever made. And we completely agree. This is what he said:
Maverik Tank Maverik Tank
“The Tank is animalistic to say the least. It's crazy stiff, meaning it will last you longer and endure the hard use of a defensive player. It has tons of sidewall holes, which will allow for you to get the ideal pocket for you. It's a great value, it won't break your bank and yet you'll get the top quality product you deserve. I highly recommend the tank. From one defenseman/LSM to another, get this. You won't regret it. I know I'm not. - @HIGHSTRUNGLACROSSE” Again, hit the nail right on the head. The Maverik Tank is straight up DOMINATING the defensive world. Comparable to the STX Hammer U or the Brine Triumph X, the Tank is one of the widest and stiffest heads in the game making it perfect for any defensive position! We will have more of what the Universal Lacrosse loyal have to say later on. If you want to be featured like these guys in one of our blog posts write your own review and you just might make the cut! Don’t forget to check out @TURTLESTRINGS , @HIGHSTRUNGLACROSSE , and of course @UNIVERSALLAX on Instagram and give them some love! IT’S ALL U

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