Hot Summer Women's Products

There were a ton of new products that have come out in the past 6 months but we decided to narrow down to the top 4 sellers of the summer. Not only were these popular and hard to keep on the shelves in our retail locations, but they flew at women's tournaments as well as on the web.
Best of the Best Best of the Best
#1 STX Crux 500 complete stick. This stick was almost impossible to keep in stock all summer. If one girl on your team got it, everyone who tried it out in practice usually ended up going out and buying one. The new head design allows for such amazing ball control while cradling, passing and especially shooting that nothing else came close to it. The shaft choices for this complete stick vary as well so you can get just a simple composite shaft or a scandium-titanium shaft...your pick! Not to mention that they colors this stick come in are all top color ways that work for all teams. stx-lacrosse-goggles-4-sight-form-graphite-slate-angle_3 #2 STX 4 Sight Form Lacrosse Goggles. The latest and greatest in eye protection from STX. The 4 Sight Form Goggles provide superior comfort and protection. With a redesigned nose piece these goggles fit just right eliminating any shifting during play. Also have superior sight lines the 4 Sight Forms are perfect for any player. w_handles_exult500_10d_black2_ #3 STX Exult 500 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Shaft. one of the lightest and strongest shaft ever made for the girl's game, the STX Exult 500 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Shaft is perfect for the elite level player. Made from a combination of scandium and titanium, this shaft is extremely tough. The 10 Degree top of the shaft lets the ball sit right in the sweet spot of any 10 Degree head. sisuproductimage_ #4 Sisu mouth guards. These are newer on the market in the past few months but quickly becoming very popular. They start off flat but when you mold them like every other mouthguard, you can push them tight to your teeth for a great fit. I would compare these to wearing a retainer-they don't flop around when you're running or talking on the field and you can really just leave it in all practice.

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