Gear Zone: Leading Edge 2014

Leading Edge has always been a team on the forefront of the best new gear The Leading Edge lacrosse program, based out of New Jersey, has been providing youth and high school players with exceptional lacrosse instruction since the summer of 2001. Some of the top players in the state play for, and are developed by the Leading Edge program. Every year, Leading Edge players are highly sought after by college recruiters, and are considered top notch by college coaches. They are committed to preparing every player for the next level. They are also committed to keeping their players and coaches, looking GREAT. In a 3-way coordination between Warrior, Universal Lacrosse and Leading edge, we have insured that all of the Leading Edge players are going to be the best dressed on every field they step on this year with the Warrior TECH package. The Universal design task force has been let loose, aggressively designing the youth uniforms and cleaned up on the high school uni’s. Leading Edge (LE) players will be sporting the new Brine Triumph II gloves with Custom embroidery. The Triumph II gloves not only look good with the LE, and Brine King logo’s on the cuff, but they also do an outstanding job of protecting the players, while remaining comfortable and breathable for the heat of summer. The LE Triumph II’s were made with EXCLUSIVE red material called Smoove, which was and addition that was powered by Brine and Warrior Tech package. Be sure to check out the Leading Edge website at If you want your club to look as impressive as Leading Edge, email to get started! hs shortred shorts le youth jersey whitele youth jersey whitele war tech teesle SockS HSle shortsle SHORTS HSle shortsle bagsHSle back jerseyJERSEY FRONT By: Taylor Evans June 27, 2014

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