Future of Women's Attack Stick?

Are you noticing the drastic changes going on with the elite women's lacrosse sticks? I'm not talking about just cooler colors or anything; I'm talking about the technology in these sticks really starting to show how much they elevate players to the next level. As all beginners know, beginner sticks are similar to pancake spatulas...flat and easy to scoop ground balls and wide to make it easier to catch. As players practice and get better, so should their stick. The technology behind women's sticks has been increasingly noticeable for the elite players and if you ask any one of them, they will agree that specific parts of sticks (such as a more pinched throat and a curved scoop) really help when playing. 11374263_898145316914041_1746753952_n Two newer sticks on the market these days for advanced attack players are the STX Crux 500 and the Maverik Erupt. These two sticks are designed specifically for the attack player for many reasons: 1-Extreme scoop angle helps to funnel the ball out the top of the stick for much more precise passing and shooting. 2-The pinched throat minimizes ball rattle so the ball will not pop out nearly as much. 3-Lowest legal sidewall allows for the deepest pocket and the stiff sidewalls mean you can give hard checks and not worry about your stick breaking. Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.18.51 PM The main difference between the STX Crux 500 and the Maverik Erupt is the stringing. The STX Crux 500 comes strung with their new launch pocket-this is made of durable rubber and when you've got the ball in your stick, the rubber on rubber grip/traction is unparalleled and that ball isn't going anywhere. The Crux 500 is also strung with nylons instead of leathers. The Maverik Erupt is strung with their new airwire pocket-super thin which reduces drag and the strategic grip points hold the ball in the sweet spot. This stick is strung with leathers. It's nice to see big manufacturers like STX and Maverik not just spending all of their R&D money on men's heads and they are truly behind these new sticks and the groundbreaking technology that is going to help change the game of women's lacrosse!

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