Fourth of July 2018 Launches - Universal Lacrosse

The fourth of July couldn't get any more exciting thanks to the four new releases available on We have new products coming from ECD, Maverik and STX.


First, ECD is dropping their brand new ECD Carbon Pro limited edition USA shaft and USA Hero Mesh. The Carbon Pro shaft is an all white carbon fiber shaft with USA themed decals. ECD made these shafts even more special by making only 500. Each shaft is numbered 1-500 and can be seen on the end of the shaft. The USA Carbon Pro features the same lightweight construction and kick point technology found in the standard Carbon Pro shaft. We only have a select amount of shafts so be sure to get yours ASAP for a chance to get a shaft out of the top 10 made! Continuing with ECD, the lacrosse giants are also releasing a new limited edition Hero 2.0 mesh perfect for the Fourth. The mesh is still the same Hero 2.0 mesh, including the remarkable Zonetech which utilizes Innegra Fibers and LTH Fibers to funnel balls to your channel for more accurate, consistent and controlled play. The Innegra fibers are the lightest on the market so there's no added bulk. Of course the mesh is also completely hydrophobic meaning wet weather conditions will not ruin this mesh. Limited quantities available so get yours now.


The excitement doesn't end with ECD this holiday because Maverik are releasing their brand new head, the HAVOK. The Havok is Maverik's new head designed specifically for the long stick middie and defensemen. With a tighter face shape and a lightweight construction the Havok delivers the best in class strength to weight ratio. Made from DURATOUGH material which is what gives the head its lightweight yet strong makeup. Ground control and X-Rail technology are also packed into this head. Each giving players the ability to scoop the ball during those ground ball battles with ease and the strength necessary to deliver powerful checks without worrying about snapping.


Finally STX is also releasing the EnduraForm Hammer 500, a new version of the beloved Hammer 500. The EnduraFrom Hammer 500 is made with a blend of material to create a composite material that is able to withstand extreme temperatures and not fall apart. With increased durability and constistency coming from the EnduraForm material, STX also included its Speed Scoop technology for scooping up loose balls with no problem. C-Channel and a reinforced 3 strut design gives the Enduraform Hammer 500 the strength and capacity to handle power checks without faltering. With added strike plates as well the EnduraForm Hammer 500 is a defensemen's dream and attack player's nightmare. All products mention are available at Limited quantities available for the USA Carbon Pro Shaft and USA Hero 2.0 mesh so get them before they're gone!

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