Fortress 500 vs Exult 500 vs Crux 500

Don't let the names and numbers confuse you! These STX sticks can be broken down very simply for everyone to understand. Hopefully this helps all the players out there decide which one they should get.
Fortress 500 - Perfect For Defenders Fortress 500 - Perfect For Defenders
Fortress 500-This stick is made with defenders in mind. It has a wide face to block shots and intercept passes as well as a flatter scoop to pick up ground balls easily. The Fortress 500 is very stiff and can handle giving hard checks. The middle of the head (the neck) has a medium pinch which means the ball will rattle a bit but not fall out.
Great Offensive Head! Exult 500 - Great Offensive Head!
Exult 500-Amazing midfielder stick. This stick has the 10 degree technology in it which means the ball will always move to the sweet spot towards the top of the head. The head is pretty stiff so it can endure giving checks or doing the draw. The Exult 500 has a wider face which like the Fortress 500, it is ideal for blocking shots or intercepting passes.
So Many Colors! Crux 500 - So Many Colors!
Crux 500-Attention all attackers, this stick is for you! Made with the minimum sidewall height in mind, the Crux 500 has the deepest legal pocket. The super pinched neck does not allow the ball to rattle at all while cradling. The pointed scoop increases accuracy in shots and passes because the ball will always go straight down the rubber runway. No matter what position you play, STX definitely has you covered. All of their products are top of the line and are extremely dependable. We have heard nothing but great things from our customers about these sticks so we know that they live up to their reputation. At Universal Lacrosse we put our customers first so we do are best to give them the best! IT'S ALL U

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