First Complete Stick Designed for Youth Lacrosse: StringKing Complete JR.

sk-jr1 Have you ever actually watched a youth lacrosse game? The kids are running around with sticks that are nearly twice as big as they are! The new Complete Jr. from String King is about to change things up at the youth level! More often than not, a youth player is using a hand-me-down stick from someone older, and probably bigger than they are. Now with the introduction of the Complete Jr. youth players will be able to use a stick sized just for them instead of cutting down a full sized stick! Mark Jr. is designed from the original Mark 1 lacrosse head, String King's first ever lacrosse sk-jr3head. Like its predecessor , Mark Jr. is extremely lightweight; weighing in at 117 grams. The aggressive scoop helps make groundballs effortless, and the slightly wider face of the head itself makes catching a little bit easier for those little laxers. Complete Jr. comes with a factory strung mid pocket String King's very own 2S mesh. sk-jr2Their semi soft mesh is actually 15% thinner and 12% lighter than their previous version. The P2 fibers used to make the mesh itself have proven to be durable in any and all weather conditions. If its good enough for the pros, its good enough for the future pros too. sk-jr4Modeled after String King's A7150, one of the best beginner-intermediate shafts on the market, the A7150 Jr. boasts a spectacular strength : weight ratio; it is 28 inches long and only weighs 102 grams. A shorter, lighter, thinner version designed for the little ones. Set to release 12-16, The String King Complete Jr. is set at an affordable and accommodating price of just $59.99 and will arrive just in time for the holiday season! So if you or somebody you know has a little laxer they are trying to shop for, look no further! Be sure to stop by and check your nearest Universal Lacrosse location or shop online at Universal Lacrosse for all of your holiday 2016 necessities!

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