Fighting the Cold

563007_1 All over the country college lacrosse teams are gearing up for the start of their season. High school teams start a little later into the year but for the college boys it’s time to fight the freezing cold and harsh wind to shake off the rust and get back into playing form! Playing in college myself gave me the experience to know distracting the freezing cold can be during practice. Even the warm up lap before every practice felt like I was hiking up Mt Everest! So what I would like to talk about real quick are some quick little tips to staying warm during the beginning months of the season. We here at Universal Lacrosse understand that in order to get the most out of your practice you need to be comfortable. First things first, one of the most important things to take care of are your hands. Without those puppies all your stick skills go out the window. The best thing I ever found to work was wearing a pair of latex gloves under you lacrosse gloves. These things are really cheap and thin so they won’t get in your way. You’ll still be able to feel your stick in your hands perfectly fine. The latex gloves trap the heat that your hands give off while playing so they won’t start to freeze. Check with your schools Athletic Training department, they should always have a surplus of these in stock. Another trick to staying warm is to wrap your feet in shopping bags. I know this sounds weird, and honestly it kind of is. What my teammates and I would sometimes do is wrap our feet in these plastic shopping bags and then slide our cleats on over them. This works along the same lines of the latex gloves I was just talking about. Doubling up on socks is always a smart idea as well. You got to keep your toes nice and insulated! universal-lacrosse-ulc-socks-heather-black_4universal-lacrosse-ulc-socks-navy-orange_4 Wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts was uniform for my team in the colder months and it usually is for most other schools, but if your team has a choice to wear them or not I highly recommend them. At first it may seem to slow you down, but trust me a good pair of sweatpants, a hoodie, or even a jacket makes all the difference. warrior-captains-jacket-black-1_2 There are plenty of thermal sports wear available today that are made to fight the cold but if you don’t want to drop the bug bucks on those pricey items these tips I just gave you can change your preseason experience. IT'S ALL U

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