Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship Divisions

The USA is not without pressure in a difficult division fil lacrosse In this Years FIL World Championship games there will be a total of 38 nations competing in 9 different divisions for the world title. Over the course of 10 days, 142 games will take place. The blue division is comprised of six of the worlds best teams while the rest of the divisions are not grouped by ranking. Here are the divisions: BLUE DIVISION: Australia, Canada, United States, Iroquois, England, Japan GREY DIVISION: Czech Republic, Poland, Costa Rica, Turkey GREEN DIVISION: Netherlands, Norway, Italy, China RED DIVISION: German, Belgium, Hong Kong, Austria PLUM DIVISION: Russia, Wales, New Zealand, Argentina TURQUOISE DIVISION: Columbia, Finland, Mexico, Spain ORANGE DIVISION: Republic of Korea, Slovakia, Sweden, Israel WHITE DIVISION: Latvia, Switzerland, Thailand, Scotland YELLOW DIVISION: Uganda, France, Ireland, Bermuda The US comes in as a heavy favorite but definitely does not have an easy road through the blue division. Keep Checking UniversalLacrosse.com for more information regarding the FIL World Championship.

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