Fastest Lacrosse Shot on Record: 116MPH

The bar has been raised yet again by and unsuspecting shooter: zach dorn 1 It’s been 5 years since it took one of the game’s best midfielders to bring the fastest lacrosse shot on record as high as 111 miles per hour. Paul Rabil accomplished the feat in 2009. A few years later in Mike Sawyer brought the record to 114. Just last night at the MLL All-Stars Vs Team USA game, Zack Dorn did the impossible. He shot a world record 116 mile per hour shot. There was a ton of commotion on the GRAM last night about a “fan” breaking the world record. While Zack does not play in the MLL he is not your average fan. He plays professional indoor lacrosse for the Outlaws. From our vantage point he seems like #aboywithadream which is a hash tag he used last night on his personal instagram account. If you watch the video on our insta-gram @universallax you can see he shoots with a ton of torque and some raw power. Hit the cage and the gym boys it takes some serious strength to shoot 116MPH. THE TOOL: Zack Dorn ZACK WAS using an EVOx6 head which is only college legal and most of us can’t use. The Warrior lacrosse Evo series heads are a staple in the lacrosse industry and the Evo3 and EVO4 are both stellar options if you are looking to emulate this stick. He had his head strung with Epoch Lacrosse’s Otter Mesh and this head was sitting on the Epoch C30 shaft in black. Congratulations Zack! You’ve reminded the world that records are meant to be broken and there is no such thing as impossible. Above is a close-up look at the spoon that throws the heavyball…

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