EPOCH's Newest Arrival - The Hawk Prequel Head

Prequel-banner As every knows, EPOCH produces some of the most innovative lacrosse technology in the game and their heads have been a prime example. With rumors for months circulating about the arrival of a new head we finally have an answer, the Hawk Prequel has landed. The Hawk Prequel will be the third head offering from EPOCH and the third alteration of the original Hawk head. While the Prequel looks nothing like the original Hawk but very similar to the Hawk Sequel this head is entirely different. Prequel_Press_02<7> The Prequel looks very similar to the Sequel at a first glance but there are some huge differences. One of the most obvious differences would probably the loss of the Laid Back Profile of the Sequel. The Prequel uses a curved profile more similar to traditional heads which is a huge adjustment for EPOCH since the Laid Back Profile on the Sequel was such a key point of the product. This more aggressive profile on the Prequel will be interesting to see coming from EPOCH. EPOCH has also added some new features to the Prequel that hasn't existed in previous heads. A new FlexiQ has been added to the Prequel to give it a level 3 flex which has a fairly low flex compared to the shafts but this is probably because it isn't made from carbon fiber. It will be interesting to see how the FlexiQ compares from heads to shafts but only time will tell.Prequel_Press_03<7> It also looks as if EPOCH stuck with their classic mid-pocket design for the Prequel. This is great since one of the best features on the sequel was its ideal mid pocket set up. It will be interesting to see how the new Curved profile will operate with the mid pocket set up but with all the technical parts of this Prequel we cant imagine this set up not working like a dream.

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