ECD Unveils New R&D Program: Project Beta

Image result for ECD project beta The latest initiative for East Coast Dyes was their announcement of their Project Beta video series. Project Beta is an inside look at the research and development behind ECD's quest to innovate. The video series was simply named Project Beta to describe projects they are working on that are still in the developmental stage. Each episode promises to be different and the entire series can be found on the East Coast Dyes YouTube channel! In the first installment of Project Beta, ECD Greg announced the launch of the first lacrosse head to use the material dubbed the "miracle material of the 21st century", The Rebel Graphene line. The Rebel Graphene is based off the shape of the original Rebel lacrosse head, but the plastic has been infused with graphene, a relatively new nano-material; 1 million times thinner than a human hair but 200 times stronger than steel. Once you physically get this head in your hands, you'll know that the hype is justified. The graphene infused plastic offers an unmatched stiffness to heads which are going to make it super durable. But you better act quickly, this Project Beta launch is an extremely limited edition product due to the difficulty and cost to infuse standard plastic with graphene. Only 1000 Rebel Offense Graphene and 500 Rebel Defense Graphene heads were produced; each head is individually laser engraved with their production number for that one of a kind feel! ECD Rebel Limited Edition Graphene Heads The Rebel Graphene line is now available in our retail stores or online at!

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