East Coast Dyes HeroStrings

ecd hero mesh With the release of East Coast Dyes HeroMesh this past Memorial Day weekend a lot of people have been extremely excited as to how great this mesh is! This New HeroMesh, as you may already know, is a wax-less piece of mesh that is still lightweight and waterproof. Made with lightweight LTH fibers and a HyperWeave construction, this mesh is extremely durable but won’t weigh you down even in the worse weather conditions! herostrings-product-photo-white-300x300!!! Not only did ECD produce a great piece of mesh but the also came out with what they call HeroStrings! This pack of strings is the PERFECT compliment to any piece of HeroMesh and it includes all you need to string up a BEUATY of a pocket. Included in each set of HeroStrings are: 3 Shooting Strings, 2 Shooting Nylons, 5 Sidewall Strings, and 1 Self-Tapping Screw. Each string is tipped with a piece of black plastic making it easy to fit through any sidewall hole. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL Now you can get the full kit of HeroMesh and HeroStrings in one purchase! The ECD HeroMesh Complete Kit comes with your choice of HeroMesh color as well as the full HeroStrings Kit! Right now the HeroStrings are only available in white but I have a feeling that more color choices will be on their way in the near future!
If you’re in the market for a new stringing set up or just want to give this awesome NEW product a shot you can get it all at Universallacrosse.com! IT'S ALL U

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