East Coast Dyes Carbon Volt Split Limited Edition Shaft

Keeping it fresh seems to be East Coast Dyes Strong Point these days. Some of our lacrosse enthusiast readers and customers tell us that they go nuts every time a limited edition product comes out because they like it more then the one they bought last month. In this case I would have to agree. I think the @ecdcarbon #voltsplit is one of the sharpest looking handles I have seen. Limited edition handles and heads have become very popular for manufacturers in the past few years. Some of them include a # ID which is always cool and most of them are new color ways that are tough to get your hands on. I know a lot of people and companies say Look good, Feel good, play good but I really feel there is some truth to that. I know that when I am headed out to shoot around and I have a stick that is dialed in and looks great I am way more likely to have a productive sesh. Sometimes that stick might be 2 years old and some times it might be a fresh. In this case I would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This new limited Edition Volt Split Carbon by East Coast dyes is the same performance shaft as their current carbon with a great Volt and Black accent. I have one here on my desk and I would say my favorite part of this shaft is the Volt crab logo up top. I typically tape my sticks so some of the other graphics will be covered up but the gray to Black split int he middle and the volt "carbon" logo and ECD crab are perfectly positioned to stay prominent during game use. As with any limited edition product these are going to go fast. Get them while you can! We have a preorder up on our website now. If you are headed to #laxcon come visit Universal and East Coast Dyes to take a look in person.
Limited Edition Carbon Volt Split Limited Edition Carbon Volt Split

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