Durkin Knows the Way To Great Defense

Cghkry0XIAA4PnkIf you look at the great defensive players in lacrosse history, you will see the names Merrill and Pietramala. The name you will see everyday in lacrosse when it comes to defense is Tucker Durkin. Durkin who was born on September 5, 1990, is the center of the lacrosse world, whether it be being the top defenseman in the world at the professional level, or being one of the top coaches in D3 with Bryn Athyn College. From his days at LaSalle College High School in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Durkin was a beast on the field. Towering over everyone's opponent, whether it be with his physical features or his playing ability, Durkin became one of the greatest players to come out of the state of Pennsylvania. 308989_t8qtimqrep3sgdp6iqdnq0_yh After high school, the two-time All-American and Under Armour All- American took his talents to the power house of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, who has been recently sponsored by STX. Durkin is also one of the top representatives of STX and played a huge role in the design and development of the Hammer 500. From his beginning at Hopkins, Durkin played in every game that was on the schedule. Being one of the only freshman to do so, Durkin showed how even being a freshman he would over power and out defend any attack man in the country. Through his incredible years at Hopkins, Durkin would show the lacrosse world how to play solid and tough defense, whether it be with his vicious checks when an attack man would try to run around GLE or his powerful body hits when attack man and midfielders would try to run to the cage. He showed the lacrosse world the true meaning of being a big body with tremendous speed and agility. Even after his time in Hopkins, the Flordia Launch defenseman is still shutting down all of the top attack man and midfielders in the MLL. Whether it be Pannell, Rabil, Wolf, or Thompson, they are no match for the size, speed, and ability that Durkin plays with. Now in Durkin's life, after the spot light for the MLL and the US National team, he is trying to become great at something else, being a head college lacrosse coach. Now at Bryn Athyn College, Durkin who will be going into his second year will try and raise the program into an elite power house in D3. With his popularity as a player, the recruits will be coming in to definitely give Bryn Athyn a look. I mean who wouldn't want to be coached by one of the best lacrosse players and arguably the best D-Pole in lacrosse history.

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