Different Types of Arm Protection

Are you wearing the right one? There are mainly 3 different types of arm protection in men's lacrosse: arm guard, arm pad and elbow sleeve. I always think players should wear what they feel the most comfortable and confident in, but some players wear what is specifically designed by the manufacturers for their position. Arm Guards Arm guards are designed for the attack man. They are longer in length to help protect above the elbow and below too. Arm Guards have a hard cap over the elbow to help protect the player-who is usually driving towards the goal-when they stick out their elbow from those super hard checks from their defense man. Don't be fooled! Arm guards are not like what they used to be back in the old days! They are much more flexible than they look and generally have grip on the inside to help the stay in place while shooting.
cell 3 arm guard Great Elbow Protection
Arm Pads Arm pads are generally worn by middies. They still cover the elbow well, but don't have the hard elbow cap. They are very flexible and just a bit shorter in length compared to the arm guard. If you are looking for something that doesn't come up super high and hit your bicep pad, these are for you!
Cell 3 arm pad Protection And Mobility
Elbow Sleeves If you are a very brave attack man, you can wear these; but generally, these are for defense. Since they get to do all the hitting, they seldom wear big arm pads but the rules say they have to wear something-so these are it! With a very sleek design, these will stay snug on your arm and have a small pad around your elbow.
Cell 3 elbow pad Important Flexibility
These are just some general guidelines on different arm protection for different positions. As long as you wear something that is comfortable and helps protect against some nasty checks. Bruises always make for good stories, but broken bones are never fun.

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