Check out the NEW RP3 II Lacrosse Head

The Brine RP3 lacrosse head was a hit, but we found out it can be improved to make it even better. With the help of Brine Pro and 3-time MLL All-Star Rob Pannel, the new Brine RP3 II lacrosse head will be releasing May 20th, 2016 with new features like Vari-Flex technology, improved Core-Tech and Tru Offeset, that will make it one of the best heads in the market. The new Vari-Flex technology inserted into the top of the head allows the player to help maintain the face shape of the head while scooping ground balls. The controlled flex in the head allows minimal flexibility and a better ball release. With the added strategic Core-Tech technology, the Brine RP3 II has more strength then just on the top of the head. Now, with more strength and durability along the sides of the head, it makes the head harder to change its original shape. By adding the Core-Tech, it also makes the RP3 II a little lighter then the original RP3 while increasing the overall strength. Another added feature is the Tru-Offset that makes the mid-low pocket the ideal custom stringing style for maximum ball control and a faster release. Although the mid-low pocket is the most appropriate, Brine gave the RP3 II limitless stringing options with tons of sidewall holes making it great for any pattern. We are pumped to get the RP3 II in the summer 2016 line up. Brine put some serious effort into improving an already great head. The RP3 II is sure to be a serious offensive weapon that we expect to see all over the field.

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