Cascade R: Helmet Of The Summer

One of the best things about summer lacrosse is seeing all the unique uniforms at the different tournaments and leagues across the country, and even the world. My favorite part about all these different teams is the unique customization that they put into their helmets! Helmets are a huge factor when it comes to a lacrosse uniform. Yes, they are important for the protection but I think I'm going to be talking more about how sick they look instead. Easily the most popular helmet of the summer has been the Cascade R. Now months after the whole NOCSAE certification issue, the Cascade R has risen back to the top where it claims its dominance. The customization of the R is incredible. With so many color options to pick from you can create nearly anything you want! But when summer ball rolls around it usually decals that make the helmet shine! Yes the color way of the helmet helps with look but it is really the decals that let the Cascade R stand out from the rest. Here are a few pics courtesy of
Can't forget our guys from team BassMasters!! #BLUB Can't forget our guys from team BassMasters!! #BLUB
pink whales Pink Whales Foundation..So Shiny, So Clean!
2015 Maverik Showtime. So Classy! 2015 Maverik Showtime. So Classy!
Shoot Out For Soldiers....'MERICA Shoot Out For Soldiers....'MERICA
I know I started this post talking about summer helmets but I just can't talk about Cascade R decals without bringing up the SICK custom helmet wraps worn by Norte Dame this past season. The ALL GOLD Chrome look looked absolutely amazing and literally shined brighter than anything on the field! I got the chance to see on of these in person, and yes they look even cooler in real life.
2015 Notre Dame Cascade R.  GOLD!! 2015 Notre Dame Cascade R. GOLD!!
Getting custom decals isn't as simple as getting a custom Cascade R but either way Universal Lacrosse is here to help. Head over to our Team Sales side of the business to get in touch with one of our awesome sales reps to get started on any custom team gear!

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