Brine Dictator: Dominate the X

screen_shot_2016-05-24_at_9.04.15_am<1> A leaked photo recently surfaced of Brine's new face-off specific head, the Dictator. The Dictator has a short throat which allows for the face-off man's hands to be as close to the head as possible. This allows for more control and power when clamping the ball. Its wide scoop will eat up ground balls after the face-off is won and the narrow face shape is perfect for the mid/low pocket that FOGOs look for. Depending on the durability, this head has great potential in my opinion. The Dictator looks wide enough to keep its shape without having to use the softball trick after your first face-off, yet narrow enough to ensure consistency when passing and shooting. in terms of face shape, I would compare it to the UA Charge, which always allowed for a nice pocket. It will be interesting to see how this head will compare to some face-off classics like the Nike Ceo or the OG blade. Will the new technology allow the head to surpass its competitors or will this head be overlooked?

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