Best Defensive Heads


Top 5 Defense Heads

Finding a defense head to last the abuse is of this game and hold up all season long is no easy task. There is nothing worse then having your defense head break mid season and leave you dealing with a back up. It's important to have a stiff and durable lacrosse head that will last you all the season without warping or breaking. Below is our list of the top 5 best defense heads for the 2017 season. #1- STX Hammer 500 STX Hammer 500 The STX Hammer 500 delivers in a big way as the premier defense head on today's market featuring unrivaled performance. STX gained a big leg up on the innovative cycle with the huge success of previous models and absolutely nailed the Hammer 500 upgrades. Loaded with updated looks, new face shape, and overall performance this head sets the bar extremely high for a defense head. Perhaps the most popular new feature from STX was the introduction of their Speed Scoop technology for reduced drag on ground balls for easily won possessions. Giving long poles a huge advantage heading into a ground ball war that perviously came as a handicap. The Hammer 500 also uses an updated three strut sidewall brace design, quickly turning this head into the stiffest head on the market. Paired with the three strut wall brace STX included their C-Channel technology in the base of the head to help distribute stress and increase durability. A tighter face shape on the Hammer 500 brings amazing hold while still remaining wide enough to batt down passes, a balance that has been a long time struggle for defensive heads. Aside from the huge performance boost, the Hammer 500 is also one of the most visually appealing heads with updated textures and aggressive styling. Overall, STX created the complete package for a defense head that will hold up all season and offer more performance then ever previously available. If you are a defenseman looking to upgrade to the best this season, this is the head for you. Shop-Now
#2- Maverik Tank thumb-tank_2 The Maverik Tank has been trusted by defensemen for years and offers great all around performance. The Tank has an extremely wide face shape, traditional for defense and great for all around defensive play. A wide face shape makes it easier to catch and batt down passes while on defense and can help vacuum up ground balls. The Tank uses Maverik's Level 5 bottom rail making it ideal for a high pocket which helps on two fronts. It provides control immediately off the ground balls and gives you that quick release that defense-men require when moving the ball. Next, the True Form technology will keep the Tank in the shape that it was intended after checks and long-term abuse. This is a huge advantage of the Tank because while there have always been "defensive" heads on the market, the Tank was the first to implement strategic strengthening. This will make sure that the Tank holds the same shape and won't warp as quickly as other heads making it ideal for defense. The new 4-strut design also assists in this and gives you the stiffness you desire on defense. The Tank includes a two screw hole design to remove any chance of it rattling on your shaft which can come quick with the defensive abuse. A defender wants every possible advantage when it comes to ground-balls, checks, and picking off passes and the Tank can provide that competitive advantage. If you are looking for a great all around defensive head, the Tank is a perfect fit for you. Shop-Now
#3- Warrior Regulator MAX regulator_1 The Warrior Regulator MAX lacrosse head is an ideal head for defense-men who like to throw the heavy checks. This is probably the most rigid head on the market and is sure to leave a mark or break a few heads. Warrior added reinforcement on the Regulator MAX in several key areas to increase the the durability and stiffness of this head. The Regulator Max is designed for straight up abuse, this is a head you can have huge confidence in when abusing in games for heavy checks and running through ground balls. Warrior added several other new performance technologies in this head such as Tilt-Tech for superior stringing capability, which will allow you to string better pockets and increase ball control. Warrior's new MAX Design with SYMRAIL brings a significant increase in stiffness and rigidity throughout the head. The Regulator MAX also features Loc-Throat Technology which secures a superior fit to any shaft from the inside for a rattle free set up. The Regulator Max is definitely a head feared by attack-men but loved by the defense, if you are a defenseman that loves to dish out the pain then this is the head for you. Shop-Now
#4- STX Stallion U 550 stallion-u-550-head-thumb_2 The Stallion u 500 is a head that can be used all over the field but we have seen defensemen take to by storm at Universal Lacrosse and for good reason. The Stallion u 550 is loved by middies because of it's elite ball control and extreme durability, turns out defenseman love that too. It's a unique blend of characteristics that plays a fine between what typically every defenseman would like to see with a defense head. The Stallion U 550 really lends its self to a well rounded defenseman who is looking for some extra ball control without sacrificing strength. STX used an updated throat design on the Stallion U 550 to help strengthen the base of this head which is super important for long poles because of all the extra stress at the throat of the head. Along with the updated throat the Stallion U 550 uses a seemingly beefy profile for increased durability but remains light weight by design with two load baring sidewall struts. Additionally, this head features C-Channel technology and provides extra durability through checking and ground balls. The Stallion U 550 is a favorite because of it's overall weight, strength, face shape and it's great "string-ability". The pocket in a Stallion U 550 can truly fit a defense player with a mid to high pocket which allows for the ball to sit perfectly in the shooting, passing, or clearing position. Although it may look like a beefier head, it is 5% lighter than the original and will be a perfect fit for any aggressive defense-men who like to cross the midfield line. If you are confident in your stick skills and are looking for a tighter defense head that will last all season, the Stallion u 550 is a great option for you. Shop-Now
#5- Warrior Regulator X regulator- The Warrior Regulator X is very similar to the Regulator Max except it lends it's self to a more finesse type defenseman with a lighter design and pinched face shape. The key difference is it doesn't have the MAX technology for added support in key locations but also does not include the excess weight either. With that being said, the head still is extremely stiff and durable while maintaining a lighter profile making it ideal for quick precision. Warrior LOC-Throat technology eliminates shaft rattle and adds ultimate stability by connecting the head to any shaft from the inside for a more secure fit. The Regulator X features a mid-high sidewall design which caters to a mid/high pocket for easy quick clears and fast ball control after during ground balls. The Warrior Sym-Rail technology eliminates excess weight and provides maximum stiffness for increased durability throughout the head. The Regulator X is engineered for maximum power, stability, and versatility giving you the edge on both sides of the field. This head is ideal for a quick defenseman who runs up the field and scoring a quick goal or playing around with the offense every now and then. If your the type of defenseman that enjoys breaking past that mid field line every once and while, then the Regulator X is a great head for you. Shop-Now
Overall it's been an amazing journey for the defense head over the last 10 years with mile stone improvements in the last 3 years. It is great to see manufactures really focus on this side of the game and provide defensemen the gear their style of play demands. Lastly, we hope this served as an informative guide to your next defense head, if you didn't find what you were looking for here be sure to shop all of our lacrosse heads or shop by brand with Universal Lacrosse!

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