Behind the Scenes "The Rabil Tour"

“The Rabil Tour”

Paul is working through an injury right now and he is still finding time for his fans. He makes 10+ stops all over Lacrosse hot areas to visit with his fans and promote the RABIL 2 head. He is one of the most aggressive, talented athletes that our sport has ever seen and when you meet him in person he will make you feel like his team mate. He is truly a man of the people. We heard that the tour was planned to be longer but was cut short with Paul’s foot fracture. As a former All-American from Hopkins he is no stranger to great medical staff and he is not missing and rehab. He tallied 54 points this MLL season before he called it with his injury. We have all seen his explosive split dodge from up top and with his down-hill middie dodging style the power through his legs is both impressive and imperative to his success. We have no doubt he will be back on two feet for the season of 2015 and we are excited to have the change to hang with him this wed @universallax Freehold NJ. He should be onsite at 6pm and judging by our event in 2012 at our Universal lacrosse store in Raritan we will have quite the line. The good news is our store in Freehold is right next to one of NJ finest pizza places. My advice is get there early, grab a slice from Baco’s and enjoy your fellow lax enthusiasts. images-2 warrior-rabil-2-x-lacrosse-head-16.gif

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