2019 U.S. Women's Team Announced

dkxfgg1a38hzusez With the Olympics underway, much buzz and support has been behind all of the U.S. olympic athletes. So much pride and love goes into the Olympics for an athlete to play for and represent their country. This is only one of the reasons many athletes participate. The lacrosse world is still pretty upset that lacrosse is not an Olympic sport, but that is sure to change in the near future. This did not take away US Lacrosse to name their 2019 Women's National Team, though this past weekend. As the talent pool increasingly gets better and better, the selections aren't any easier. Over 100 athletes were specially hand-picked across the country to try-out for this honor. The try-outs took place over 3 long days of drills and play, where 36 players were selected. This isn't the final team, though, because ultimately only 18 players will be picked to represent the United States. They are training for the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Women's World Cup in England as the team goes for a third consecutive and eighth overall world title. Some of the select STX representatives like Alyssa Murray, Sloane Serpe, Liz Hogan, and Shannon Gilroy, were all part of the 36 players. Since these players are the best of the best, they only deserve the best of the best equipment. Equipment wise, depending on which each player prefers, Brine, STX, and Under Armour all provide the top of their line products. Nike also provides apparel and footwear for the athletes. Whether it be the Brine Mantra III, the STX Crux 500, or the STX Exult 500, you know you will see any number or combination of these best of the class products out on the field in the US National Team's hand.

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