2017 Top Defensive/LSM Lacrosse Heads

The 2017 Spring season is right around the corner and it is time for you to get your gear. In this article, we are going to go over the Top 5 Defensive and Long Stick Midfielder (LSM) heads for 2017. There really are no set long stick midfielder heads, but there are a couple of heads that are used for mostly LSM's. Our personal Top 5 2017 heads are the StringKing Mark 2D, Maverik Tank, Nike Lakota, Warrior Regulator MAX and STX Hammer 500. 5.) StringKing Mark 2D mark-2d-thumb The StringKing Mark 2D is the newest arrival for the defensive player. Much like the proven Mark 1, StringKing made sure to keep the Mark 2D stiff, rigid and durable while focusing on adding slight adjustments tailored to the defensive player. Featuring a slightly wider face shape and aggressive offset the Mark 2D is perfect for batting down passes and scooping up ground balls. The Mark 2D also allows for endless stringing options with an unheard of 29 stringing holes. Overall, the Mark 2D is sure to be a top head amongst defensive players this season. 4.) Maverik Tank Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head The Maverik Tank really is a tank on the field. True Form technology is used to keep proper shape and form throughout long term abuse. Level 5 bottom rail allows for a higher pocket and with 17 sidewall stringing holes, it strings up easily. Made with 4 strut sidewall design, it gives the head maximum rail support making the head extremely stiff and perfect for your close defender. 3.) Nike Lakota Nike Lakota HS/U Lacrosse Head This is the most popular LSM head on the market, it is an offensive style head but is made to be stiff and durable as well. The Nike Lakota gives you an advantage on both ends of the field with maximum pinch with compact design for best ball control. A very lightweight head that can still deliver some nice hits. The bottom rail design is ideal for a mid to high pocket. 2.) Warrior Regulator MAX Warrior Regulator MAX Lacrosse Head The Warrior Regulator MAX is one of the newer heads on the market made with SYMRAIL which keeps the sidewalls symmetrical causing the inside of the sidewall to mimic the outside, reducing weight without sacrificing stiffness. Their MAX Design reinforces several key areas to increase stiffness and ability. Loc-Throat technology is a unique new design that as the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the Loc-Throat spread, providing both internal andexternal pressure for a more secure fit. This head also has a new angled stringing holes to make it easier to string sidewalls tight and secure. A great head for an elite defender. 1.) STX Hammer 500 STX Hammer 500 Lacrosse Head Coming in at number one is the STX Hammer 500, my personal favorite. Speed Scoop design reduces drag for a quicker and easier scoop of the groundball. With added strike plates on top shoulders of the head, it increases contact zones for more effective checks. That along with Hammer three-sidewall braces increase stiffness and improve durability. C-Channel technology distributes stress and impact on the sidewalls to keep them strong. This is the ideal head any defender could ask for. You cannot go wrong with any one of these heads. There are more heads that just missed the list that are also fantastic heads, but I think these are just a step above the rest and will help you dominate the 2017 season.

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