12D Goalie Hero Mesh Announced

The people over at East Coast Dyes have been making great quality mesh for years. They first started making Wax Mesh. This had a sticky feeling and would produce a lot of hold. They slowly began to expand their supply of mesh to retailers, meaning they would have to make more than just one type of mesh. So they created the one color and two color fades that everybody loved and enjoyed. All these mesh types were great, but they showed a goalie no love. Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.30.29 AM Then ECD created their 12D and 20D East Coast Mesh. Goalies loved this product but it would sometimes get a little too soft when broken in. ECM Black was the next Goalie mesh in the ECD line and although it wasn't as popular as their other mesh, it still performed really well. Since then, no performance mesh has been released by the guys at ECD until now. ECD recently announced the arrival of their newest Hero Mesh Launch, 12D Hero Goalie Mesh. Not much is known about this mesh other than a few leaked pictures on Instagram and its release date. It is set to release on July 14th, 2016. Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.30.57 AMAs of now, we know very little about its performance qualities, but it is probably safe to assume that it has the same features that regular 10d Hero Mesh has. It will perform perfectly in all weather conditions, its tightly knit thread allows for very little inconsistency and optimal rebound control. It is also extremely lightweight allowing a goalie to move his or her hands faster to the ball. The mesh will come in 12D semi soft and semi hard. As for the color options and 20D, its too early to say what ECD's plans are.

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