Warrior Evo Warp Mini

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Warrior Evo Warp Mini
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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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The Warrior Evo Warp Mini offers endless fun for recreational or 6U play while being the most advanced mini stick in lacrosse. Warrior engineered the Evo Warp Mini to bring elite performance to the backyard with a wide-diamond Warp pocket for added consistency and enhanced play. With the new or novice player in mind, Warrior wanted to create a stick that enabled everyone to give the sport of lacrosse a fair shot without worrying about their stick's catching or throwing ability. The Evo Warp Mini affords any individual the opportunity to pick up a stick and enjoy the game with out any equipment hassles. With Warrior's new Warp pocket technology, the Evo Warp Mini comes ready to go out of the box with a preformed no hassle / no maintenance pocket to eliminate any early frustrations with a players stick. 

- 34" Stick designed for recreational or 6U play. Meets all US Lacrosse 6U Specs.

- Preformed Warp pocket with no hassle or maintenance required

- Ready to go out the box

- Includes Warrior tennis ball. 

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