True Comp 4.0 Gecko Grip Driver Lacrosse Shaft

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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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The True Comp 4.0 Gecko Grip Driver Lacrosse Shaft is a revolutionary face off system, delivering a forward hand grip unlike anything else on the field in todays game. True developed an entirely new concept with the Comp 4.0 Gecko Grip Driver Shaft with new surface technology applied to the upper portion of the shaft and to the inside of True's Gecko Grip Driver Glove. This new face off system uses millions of microscopic rubberized fingers on the shaft and glove palm to interlock with each other creating an unshakeable traction between shaft and glove. It is a torque generating grip between glove and handle unlike any other configuration on today's market that works together for a truly locked-in grip beyond just a fresh wrap of tape on game day. On top of the grip, this shaft also includes True's cutting edge carbon fiber technology from their Comp 4.0 series offering light weight performance. Using SmartPly technology during the manufacturing process brings unmatched weight, balance and durability to the palm of your hands. The Comp 4.0 Gecko Grip Driver shaft features True's flex 6 rating offering enhanced flex while passing and shooting. 

- NOTE: For full grip performance, we strongly recommend pairing with the True Frequency Gecko Grip Lacrosse glove.  

- Gecko Grip surface uses thousands of microscopic ruberized fingers to create an unshakeable grip.

- Flex 6 profile generates enhanced power with more engergy transfered to the ball while passing or shooting. 

- True's SmartPly technology creates a superior weight to strength ratio with 25 layers of optimized carbon fiber. 

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