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Training Lace Weights offer enhanced performance development for all levels of play with weights ranging from 5 to 12oz. Using a soft vibration absorbing outer sleeve, the Training Lace is designed to securely wrap around any lacrosse shaft during wall ball or shooting work outs. Attatching the Training Lace towards top of the stick while training helps correct form while adding weight resistance to dramatically increase shot power and accuracy. It can be tough to activate every muscle used during passing and shooting with tradional weight training, making the Training Lace the ultimate solution by adding weight training with those passing and shooting movements. With weights available in 5oz, 8oz and 12oz there is an appropriate Training Lace for players to enhance their training with at any age or level.

- Available in 5oz, 8oz and 12oz weights.

- Helps correct form and enhance shooting and passing power.

- Flexible design with soft vibration absorbing outter foam layer create a firm and secure grip to any shaft. 

- Ideal for wall ball or shooting training.

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