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ECD Hero 2.0 JW1 Limited Edition Lacrosse Mesh

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ECD Hero 2.0 JW1 Limited Edition Lacrosse Mesh brings back the ECD fan favorite limited edition color way inspired by lacrosse legend Joe Walters. Hero 2.0 JW1 mesh delivers the same high performance mesh ECD is known for but with a new touch of flare. This limited edition piece uses a twist on ECD's Zone Pattern with a white outer channel and black inner channel for one mean looking piece of mesh. East Coast Dyes incorporates new ZoneTech in Hero 2.0 JW1 with a new fiber combined with LTH fibers to help channel your pocket for maximum accuracy. The outer Innegra Fiber is the lightest fiber in the world, woven tightly with outer diamonds of Hero 2.0 JW1 to  create a more ridged and consistent pocket. ECD uses their LTH fibers in the center of the mesh for a more responsive feel that draws pros like Joe Walters to Hero 2.0 performance. ZoneTech brings two unique performance traits to one piece of mesh and helps funnel the ball any heads channel. Your Hero 2.0 JW1 pocket will feel lighter and bag out less with Innegra fibers, while LTH fibers bring a responsive touch and targeted performance to your pocket. 

- ZoneTech utilizes Innegra Fibers and LTH Fibers to funnel balls to your channel for more accurate, consistent and controlled play.  

- The worlds lightest fiber; Innegra is used on the outer diamonds to bring a ridged and less elastic funnel to your pockets channel. 

- LTH Fibers are concentrated and strategically placed in the center channel for a softer touch and responsive feel. 

- True to East Coast Dyes style, Hero 2.0 is entirely hydrophobic keeping your pocket waterproof and letting you play in any weather. 

- Made in the USA

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