ECD Focus shaft

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The boys at ECD just took us through this product live which was very cool! Tons of people were wathing live, chatting and Milo, Greg's dog even made an appearance! Very cool to see a lacrosse product launch live and we are pumped up for 12:00 when sales go LIVE on this page!

Greg and Mike both unvailed their new weapons of choice.
Greg stuck with an Optik with his signature pocket on his new focus handle.

Mike went with the new Warrior regulator head on their new focus handle.

Both looked great, althought that yellow OPTIK was a bit outrageous!

The new ECD focus shaft is going to be hitting the web and Universal Lacrosse stores on Nov. 5th. This move in the handle category was highly anticipated by East Coast loyal followers. Last year when East Coast launched their carbon series handles the lacrosse community was pumped. We watched players of all ages start using the carbon handles. The flex combined with some clean graphics made that shaft a best seller in all its colorways.

As players trend towards carbon handles we do think that carbon is the future but the majority of players still use alloy handles. The new #ECDFOCUS shaft brings 2 key elements together. Weight and Strength. East coast has formulated a scandium blend that maintains a light weight with high strength. Typically as handles get more expensive we are pyaing for lightwe weiht or more durable materials. The crew over at East Coast Dyes has brought the Focus shaft to us for $99. (attack length) The Focus handle is a traditional concave shape and also features a great feel with a popular, proven sandblasted finish.

From what we have seen so far this handle seems to be light enough and strong enough to be a staple product this season.

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