Stringing is half the battle when it comes to women's lacrosse equipment. To be as accurate as possible, players need to have a pocket that works with their style of play. Navigating through all of the options out there to find that perfect pocket is no easy task. We're here to make it a little easier on you. Here is our list of the Top Women's Lacrosse Pockets for 2019.

Top 5 Women's Lacrosse Pockets for 2019

#1 - STX Crux Mesh Pro

The STX Crux Mesh Pro redefined women's mesh. STX used state of the art technology to create the most effective piece of mesh on the market. Using a varied-diamond pattern, the STX Crux Mesh Pro is strategically designed to create a sweet spot. STX built this piece of mesh to help you dominate for seasons to come. Utilizing it's one-piece system, the STX Crux Mesh Pro is incredibly easy to maintenance and will endure long term use. The STX Crux Mesh Pro also features STX's brand new Weather Weave technology that insures the STX Crux Mesh Pro will remain effective even if it gets wet. The STX Crux Mesh Pro is the best women's pocket on the market with no else even knocking at the door.

#2 - ECD Venom

The ECD Venom Women's Mesh Runner lets you dominate the game with ECD's revolutionary technology that allows for incredible ball control. The mesh tapers so that the ball sits high up on the head for added shot power. This is a great option if you want a mix of the mesh feel and the traditional feel. The ECD Venom Women's Mesh Runner really allows for a softer feel when catching the ball so that it wont bounce back out of the stick. It is hard to go wrong with the Venom Mesh Runner, ECD really knocked it out of the park with this one.

#3 - StringKing Type W Mesh

Stringking type W mesh is a great option for players looking for a pocket that requires the least amount of maintenance. This mesh takes no time to break in. As soon as it's strung up, you'll feel the amazing ball control. The great thing about the stringking type W mesh is that it's great in all weather so you wont need to worry about the mesh bagging out. Stringking also comes with a 6 month durability guarantee.

#4 - Rail Elite Ladder

The Lax Pocket Rail Elite Ladder is the ideal complimentary piece to any women's pocket. The Rail Elite Ladder utilizes a new attachment system that connects the cross lace with leather. This adds an extra level of feel and hold. Lax Pocket uses pre-stretched leather in the the Rail Elite Ladder to offer unrivaled consistency for the durability of the pocket. Uses consistently by the best high school and college players, the Rail Elite Ladder is one of the best on the market.

#5 - STX Crux Mesh

The STX Crux Mesh is the first women's lacrosse mesh designed to emphasize pocket performance. STX revolutionized women's lacrosse by giving them mesh that offers advanced hold and elite accuracy that didn't exist in the women's game previously. The STX Crux Mesh utilizes a seven-diamond runner to create a targeted central channel. This also constructs a sweet spot in the STX Crux Mesh. Dry Mesh Lite allows the STX Crux Mesh to be not only incredibly lightweight, but weather proof as well. The STX Crux Mesh is still an absolute classic.