Each season the market is flooded with new padding options. This is especially true when it comes to gloves. Navigating through all the brands and products can be a formidable task. Good thing we're here to help! We're going to take a look at all of the gloves available this year and rank them based on their protection, durability, grip and other important factors. No worries, your hands are safe in our hands. Here is our list of the Top Lacrosse Gloves for 2019.

Top 5 Lacrosse Gloves for 2019

#1 - Maverik M4

The Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves are the best of the best. Completely customizable and constructed for unlimited movement, the mitten is unlike any other glove on the market. The M4 Lacrosse Gloves are made using top of the line Maverik technology. Their new FlowCool venting mechanics allows for heat to disperse out of the glove and for cool air to flow freely throughout. The Maverik M4's perks don't stop there. By using Ax Suede and Inhaler Mesh Palms, the Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves are built to last for seasons to come. This is Maverik's masterpiece and stands alone as the number one lacrosse glove on the market.

#2 - Nike Vapor

The Nike Vapor Lacrosse Gloves saw a complete overhaul in it's design and performance. Built using durable microfiber, the Vapor Lacrosse Gloves are now completely enhanced in terms of comfort, grip and ventilation. Nike unleashed its state of the art technology to upgrade the Vapor Gloves protective abilities. By introducing dual density foam and hard plastic inserts, Nike has built the Vapor Lacrosse Gloves to withstand season after season of relentless checks. The Nike Vapor Lacrosse Gloves are the crowned jewel of Nike's lacrosse glove assortment and that's why they come in at a close second on our list.

#3 - Maverik Rome

Designed for the elite player, the Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves are built for maximum protection and unrestricted mobility. Maverik didn't hold back any of their resources when crafting this gauntlet. Utilizing their new Speed Fit profile, the Rome Lacrosse Gloves have a perfect close to hand fit that allows for maximum mobility. Maverik also uses Poron Xrd foam that makes the Rome Lacrosse Gloves soft to the touch yet enables it to harden on impact which allows for not only top of the line comfort, but also state of the art protection. The Rome Lacrosse Gloves put on absolute clinic in lacrosse glove quality by effectively combining pillow like comfort with rock hard durability and protection.

#4 - Cell IV

STX created the Cell IV Lacrosse Gloves with flexibility and comfort as their top priority. Constantly improving on their design, STX uses GeoFlex II technology in the Cell IV Lacrosse Gloves to provide flexible protection in the back of the glove and the thumb. STX didn't stop there in their pursuit for ultimate comfort. They broke out their new Flared cuff system to enable the Cell IV Gloves to move with the player's wrist. This creates more room for mobility and allows for an elite range of motion. The Cell IV Gloves also use Ax Suede palms to create a glove that has the perfect amount of stick feel. By building off what made their previous installment so effective, STX created a tour de force in hand protection with the Cell IV Gloves.

#5 - Surgeon 700

STX uses 2nd Skin Palm that features fewer stitches and enables mesh vents to enhance temperature regulation in the Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves. The technological enhanced comfort doesn't stop there. By utilizing Precision Fit technology, the Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves comfortably fits around the fingers and also widens and loosens the back of the hand to create more ventilation and allow for supreme mobility. Not only does it feel like a cloud wrapped around your hands, the Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves have DFLKT Carbon Plates inserted into the thumb for protection against brutal checks. Perfect for faceoffs because of it's relaxed fit, the Surgeon 700 Gloves stand out from the competitors because of its emphasis on hand speed.