Your body can take an absolute pounding throughout the course of the lacrosse season and your arms stand to be the most vulnerable part. Whether you're getting ding dong checked, ice pick checked, or kayak checked, you're constantly at risk for serious injury. Having effective padding to protect your arms will not only keep you safe but improve your quality of play. How's a defender going to strip the ball from an armored knight? Here is our list for the Top Lacrosse Arm Pads for 2019.

Top 5 Lacrosse Arm Pads 2019

#1 - Maverik Max Arm Pads

The Maverik Max Arm Pads are specifically designed for experienced lacrosse players looking for ultimate protection coupled with maximum mobility. Perfect for midfielders, Maverik's Anaform bicep and forearm pads deliver protection from earth shattering slashes and checks but also gives a feathery and nimble feel. The Maverik Max Arm Pads use a soft sleeve along with Grip Zone for a tight, secure fit on critical zones. Maverik built an arm pad that constantly breathes and evaporates sweat to maximize comfort and protection. The Max Arm Pads are the absolute best arm pads on the market right now. Bar none.

#2 - STX Cell IV Arm Pads

The STX Cell IV Arm Pads have somehow improved upon their product from their previous installment. Built specifically for attack-men and middies, STX utilizes the GeoFlex II and Flow-through stack up technology to create an arm pad that offers flexible protection and top of the line ventilation. The Cell IV Arm Pads specialize in pad stability. By instituting a breathable sleeve and silicone straps, STX created a padding phenomenon that wicks away sweat and also maintains its position on the arm. The STX Cell IV Arm Pads are an incredible feat in lacrosse arm padding which is why they sit at number two on this list.

#3 - Maverik Rome Arm Pads

The Maverik Rome Arm Pads combine E-Form and Anaform technology to create an arm pad that forms specifically to the player's arm while also providing them with complete and utter protection from checks and slashes. Maverik didn't stop there in their attempt to build the most comfortable, yet effective, arm pad. By utilizing Poron Xrd foam, the Maverik Rome Arm Pads are soft to the touch but harden on impact. Not only are these pads infinitely comfortable, they also allow for a wide range of motion. Maverik installed an independent Free Flex Seam on the Rome Arm Pads that completely eliminates bunching and doesn't constrict motion.

#4 - EPOCH Integra Arm Pads

The EPOCH Integra Arm Pads are specifically tailored for players who don't want to be dragged down by heavy padding. The Integra Arm Pads are developed using Dual Density compression molded foam that provides reinforced protection but is also incredibly lightweight, allowing the player to move freely with no restriction. EPOCH didn't pull out any stops in trying to make the ideal arm pad. By using several new and innovative technologies, such as EPOCH's signature Flexible Carbon Fiber and their new Phase Change mold, the EPOCH Integra Arm Pads are bred for exemplary comfort and protection. Phase Change technology allows the player to dominate in any climate, by providing the EPOCH Integra Arm Pads with proactive textile technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat for ideal ventilation and comfort. EPOCH have completely outdone themselves with their Integra Arm Pads.

#5 - STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads

The STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads are built to perfection. STX designed these pads with top of the line technology. The STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads utilize HD2 Foam and HEX Pro technology. STX uses the HD2 Foam to provide a lightweight hybrid foam protection that is specifically designed to protect and reinforce targeted impact zones on the arm. The HEX Pro technology is used in the STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads to produce superior ventilation and flexibility. Introducing their brand new 360 strap that lock the arm pad into a secure fit no matter how big or small the players arm is, coupled with a new and improved sleeve, STX have made the Stallion 500 one of the best and most efficient arm pads on the market.