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  1. The Difference Between StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+, Otter Mesh, and StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2

    With the launch of the new StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+ this past weekend we have had a couple of people ask us what the major differences are with this new piece of mesh. All of StringKing’s products and also the Epoch Otter Mesh are produced with the same techniques but are pretty different. The easiest way to see these...
  2. StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+ and ULC RP3 X M1 Deal!

    The Good Just Keep Getting Better We have an EXCITING weekend ahead of us ladies and gents. Why is it so exciting you ask? I’ll tell you why. It’s because StringKing is releasing their BRAND NEW StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+! We are so excited about this new mesh here at Universal Lacrosse and we know that a lot...
  3. StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+

      Lacrosse StrinKing Enthusiasts, if you are not excited about this one then I am not sure what could pump you up. @StringKing Lacrosse has teased out a few pieces of INFO on their Type 2+ mesh. So far we have seen, lighter, more consistent mesh each time StringKing lacrosse has put something out so we are thinking that this is...

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