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  1. The Shoe of the Summer: The Warrior Coxswain

    Every season has its own trends.  Flannels in the Fall, boots in the Winter, fresh sneakers in the Spring.  But Summer? Summer is special.  Summer is when the Warrior Coxswains rise and shine! This past Summer we have seen that the Warrior Coxswain is quickly become a favorite to anyone that tries them on!  These puppies are perfect for any...
  2. Old styles are new again

    Has anyone noticed that some of the new lacrosse styles are actually from back in the day? And I'm not talking about using wooden sticks like the Native Americans...I'm talking about the rise of the 80's style Billboard tees, socks and boat shoes! All over the East Coast (and I'm sure the West Coast too but I haven't been to...
  3. Warm Weather Is Finally Back!

    It is finally that time of year again when the shorts come out and the winter coats go away! Summer is upon us and we here at Universal Lacrosse are AMPED UP for some sunshine and warm days. What better way is there to welcome in the heat with some NEW gear upgrades? I’m not talking about a new head...

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