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STX Duel lacrosse head

  1. Product Review: STX Duel Lacrosse Head

    It has now been just over two weeks since the launch of the STX Duel Lacrosse Head and STX Duel SC Lacrosse Shaft and I think it's time to give this stick a review. When we found out that STX was making a lacrosse head specifically designed for face-offs we found ourselves a little skeptical.  Not to discredit the people...
  2. The NEW STX Duel Lacrosse Head and Shaft

    The STX Duel Head and Shaft is the first combination of its kind made specifically for the needs of the faceoff player. Although there are exceptions, most people who faceoff only faceoff. It only makes sense that your head and shaft both be designed with your primary goal on the field in mind. STX Duel U There are several small...

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