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  1. Adidas EQT BERSERKER Lacrosse Glove

    Adidas EQT BERSERKER glove: The Adidas EQT BERSERKER has an EXTREMELY comfortable fit from the moment you put them on.  Feeling completely broken in right out of the packaging is a huge advantage for a pair of gloves.  Avoiding the break-in is a big time saver. The palms of the EQT BERSERKER make it feel like there is nothing between your hands and...
  2. What Beginner Stick Is Right For You?

    Starting a new sport at any age is hard enough but youth lacrosse can be one of the most confusing sports to start up with trying to figure out pads, helmet, mouthguards, cleats and sticks. Sometimes parents don't want to get the padding and helmet right away because they know their players going to grow a ton before the spring...
  3. Shoulder Pad Liners

    We’ve all seen the players that rock the old beat up shoulder pads that have been cut down to barely anything. Since shoulder pads have the longest life span of any lacrosse pad, a lot of guys use the same old pair for years on end. Cutting the caps off of shoulder pads does give you more mobility but isn’t...

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