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  1. Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads - Summer 2015

    Every season we see different groups of lax equipment stand out from the others.  Right now I want to focus on some offensive lacrosse heads that are doing just that and why.  Once summer finally rolls around every year you can tell that players are finally settling into their set ups.  The seasons over so everyone’s twig is in tune...
  2. The Maverik Trio

    Despite entering the lacrosse market later than big brands like STX and Brine, Maverik is one of the most popular and fastest growing manufacturers in the country.  Their great line of sticks and equipment, along with their partnership with Cascade, makes them one of the first companies you think of when searching for lacrosse products. Much of this success revolves...
  3. The Maverik Metrik U

    The Maverik Metrik lacrosse head marks the first head of a series of show stopping lacrosse heads from Maverik. The Metrik is a sleek but strong Offensive minded head that strings up great. The 2-Strut Design and level 2 bottom rail allow for the perfect MID pocket. With the rules committees looking like they are going to be doing away...

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