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mens lacrosse head

  1. Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head

    Epoch Lacrosse has become one of the go to lacrosse companies when it comes to composite lacrosse shafts.  They took a step even further when their Otter Mesh released and again when the dropped the Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head. Epoch is now pushing the boundaries one more time with the release of the Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head.  The Sequel...
  2. Powell Lacrosse Pioneer

      New Lacrosse companies pop up all the time.  They either rise to glory or crash and burn.  One of the latest to come up into the lax gear game is Powell Lacrosse.  The name Powell has been associated with lacrosse in someway for decades but never in terms of gear. Until now. We got our hands on a custom...

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