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hero mesh

  1. New East Coast Dyes Semi-Hard HeroMesh

    Ever since the first release of the ECM Wax Mesh, East Coast Dyes has been paving the way for lacrosse mesh engineering.  Last Summer when ECD first released their Semi-Soft HeroMesh at the Final Four in Baltimore, Maryland, everyone went nuts.  This was their first piece of non-wax mesh that really blew everyone away.  The one and only down side...
  2. East Coast Dyes HeroStrings

    With the release of East Coast Dyes HeroMesh this past Memorial Day weekend a lot of people have been extremely excited as to how great this mesh is!  This New HeroMesh, as you may already know, is a wax-less piece of mesh that is still lightweight and waterproof. Made with lightweight LTH fibers and a HyperWeave construction, this mesh is...
  3. East Coast Dyes HERO MESH

    The CLUES ALL COME TOGETHER... This has been an exciting week. Every time #ECM drops something we are on the edge of our seats... We had a few clues about this one...   MESH, MESH, MESH AND MORE MESH. That is how these two years have been and the question is, when can we get enough? If you ask me, NEVER! If...

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