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  1. Apollo vs Focus vs Metal

    When you ask your self "will this shaft break, you are usually about to press the buy button or pull it off the shelf on your favorite lacrosse store. How do you really know how tough a shaft is to break? We typically go off of: 1. What our boys say 2. What the guy in the store says 3...
  2. New East Coast Dyes Focus Shaft

    The guys over at East Coast Dyes have already made a name for themselves in the mesh game and again more recently in the shaft game with their extremely popular Carbon Handles.  This time around however they are taking yet another step further.  In just a few days ECD will be dropping the highly anticipated ECD Focus Lacrosse Shaft.  ...
  3. East Coast Dyes: A Trend Turned Into A Game Changer

    If you play lacrosse at any level, over the past few years you have at least heard of East Coast Dyes. If you are a stringer and/or student of the game, you have been well aware of East Coast Dyes and its impact on the game for years. The takeover of performance mesh has been unbelievable. Greg Kenneally, who founded...

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