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  1. Face-Off Head Momentum

    Every season there seems to be a new "Top Dog" in the face-off head game.  Someone finds a head that works well for them and BOOM its the best thing since sliced bread!  What a lot of people don't realize is that basically any head used for face-offs wasn't designed to be used in that way.  This is why we...
  2. Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads - Summer 2015

    Every season we see different groups of lax equipment stand out from the others.  Right now I want to focus on some offensive lacrosse heads that are doing just that and why.  Once summer finally rolls around every year you can tell that players are finally settling into their set ups.  The seasons over so everyone’s twig is in tune...
  3. Lacrosse Customer Reviews

    Here at Universal Lacrosse we have a high value on our customers’ feedback.  We like to know what you all think of the products that we sell and do everything we can to get you what you are looking for.  We decided to reach out to our #STRINGSQUAD guys from Instagram to see what products they trust and love. Our...

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