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  1. New Cascade R Helmet Options: Carbon and Platinum Shell Finish and New Pearl Mask Colors

    Beautiful NEW Finishes!! It's easy to see that everyone's favorite helmet is the Cascade R.  Since its release a few years ago almost every player and team has trusted the R to protect themselves, and its been with good reason. Carbon and Platinum Finishes Available on orders of 12 or More ONLY Besides being one of the best forms...
  2. Cascade R: Helmet Of The Summer

    One of the best things about summer lacrosse is seeing all the unique uniforms at the different tournaments and leagues across the country, and even the world.  My favorite part about all these different teams is the unique customization that they put into their helmets! Helmets are a huge factor when it comes to a lacrosse uniform.  Yes, they are...
  3. Cascade R-M

    With all the commotion over the recent NOCSAE helmet situation everyone was concerned with what they were going to do with their Cascade R’s.  Cascade has quickly worked with NOCSAE to resolve the big problem. Here as some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received about the new helmet modification: Q: “How do I get my helmet...

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