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  1. Apollo vs Focus vs Metal

    When you ask your self "will this shaft break, you are usually about to press the buy button or pull it off the shelf on your favorite lacrosse store. How do you really know how tough a shaft is to break? We typically go off of: 1. What our boys say 2. What the guy in the store says 3...
  2. The New Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft

    **UPDATE** Maverik Pro Billy Bitter (@billybitter4) recently uploaded a SWEET UP CLOSE LOOK at the NEW Maverik Apollo! (8/28/2015) Recently Maverik Lacrosse announced one of their NEW 2016 products that will be released this fall.  The Maverik Apollo is the LIGHTEST SHAFT that Maverik has EVER MADE! Using a blend of Scandium and Titanium alloys is what really alloys the...

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