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Archives: November 2017

  1. Warrior's Entire Head Line Up; Now Just $70.

    Offense, Defense, Goalie and Everything In-between - Still $70. That's right - All unstrung Warrior heads are now $70 and under, and we mean every head. Warrior has reevaluated it's pricing in an effort to help fuel the growth of lacrosse through more affordable equipment, an effort lead by founder and lacrosse great Dave Morrow. Now players have access to some of...
  2. Which Elite Maverik Head Can Help Your Game?

    Ever wonder if your missing out on some performance with your current lacrosse head? Well it very well might be the case in all honesty, choosing the right head for your game can be a big difference maker on the field. In the world of limitless options, one high performance lacrosse manufacture is sure to have an elite head to match...
  3. New Price Drops With Warrior / Brine Heads

    Why and how would something like this happen? Is it possible that a wave of philanthropy just overtook  our friends in Michigan (Warrior HQ)? Or maybe New Balance said “hey guys, your plastic is too expensive, give some $ back to the people!” Maybe we will never know but the fact remains that the all Warrior / Brine unstrung heads...

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