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Archives: October 2017

  1. Women's Lacrosse Mesh Pockets

    New For 2018: Mesh Pockets In Women's Lacrosse In one of the most surprising stories to hit the lacrosse scene this off season, women's lacrosse FINALLY allowing for mesh in women's sticks at all levels! This is huge news for the sport of lacrosse and the growth of our sport. One of the major drawbacks in our sport has been...
  2. New STX Alliance Shafts

    STX delivers two new carbon fiber performance shafts for the 2018 season with distinct performance traits. Honing into the different performance needs across the field, STX is introducing the Alliance VFT and Alliance XL shaft by tapping into the highly versatile applications of carbon fiber. Each Alliance shaft performs with a different style of play unique to the offensive and...
  3. Cell IV Protection Has Arrived

    Introducing the Cell IV Protective Line Up Back by popular demand - STX reveals their fourth installment of the famed Cell Protection series. The Cell IV protection line is packed with cleaned up styling and newly upgraded tech.  Following one of the most popular padding lines to ever enter the lacrosse world, STX nailed this latest upgrade that is sure...

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