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  1. My Favorite Shaft - The Maverik Union

    Working in the lacrosse industry allows me to be constantly submerged in all the new the gear that comes out every year.  Being able to get my hands on the latest and greatest from all the top manufacturers is really something I love about my job and I don’t take it for granted. One of the best things that I...
  2. New Warrior Burn Mesh

    With the upcoming release of the new Warrior Performance Mesh I’ve been testing each piece to see how they perform. Out of the three new pieces of mesh: Evo Wax, Regulator, and Burn Mesh, my standout out favorite is definitely the New Warrior Burn Mesh. One of the main reasons I like the Burn Mesh the most is that it...
  3. New Warrior Lacrosse Mesh

    One of the most important and ever changing aspect of lacrosse equipment is the type of mesh that players are using. Every year, new advancements are made with the materials and technology that are used to create better pieces of what is now being called performance mesh. We normally see these advances made by individual manufactures (East Coast Dyes, StringKing...

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