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Archives: March 2015

  1. StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2+

      Lacrosse StrinKing Enthusiasts, if you are not excited about this one then I am not sure what could pump you up. @StringKing Lacrosse has teased out a few pieces of INFO on their Type 2+ mesh. So far we have seen, lighter, more consistent mesh each time StringKing lacrosse has put something out so we are thinking that this is...
  2. Women's Composite Lacrosse Shafts

    Do your hands hurt during preseason from holding a freezing cold handle? You must still be playing with an alloy/metal shaft. If it really bothers you and you don’t like to wear gloves, it’s time to move into a composite shaft. Sound too simple? That’s because it is...composite shafts come in different shapes, different colors and weights. Brine Hail The...
  3. @universallax #Snapchat PLUS #MATTERICE99PHASE2

    Huge day over here at the warehouse... Our boy Hulk Hoban pumping out gems all day at a stringing station. @Universallax Snapchat goes live and we launch Phase 2 of the #matterice99 deal... Snapchat is going to give everyone an idea of how we make the miracles happen. Big shoutout to the crew over @eastcoastdyes for the love in their snapchat...
  4. Arm Guards VS Arm Pads

    On the offensive end of the lacrosse field we mainly see two types of arm protection being used.  Attackmen and Midfielders are either using Arm Guards or Arm Pads.  These two categories of arm protection both have their lists of pros and cons, and I would like to help the newer players out there know the difference. Most of the...

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