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Affiliate Program Overview


  • Join and gain access to the best perks in the game!

  • Partner with Universal Lacrosse and experience what ITS All U is about!


  • Earn 3% on all sales from site visitors you bring in!

  • Receive 15% off on Universal Lacrosse purchases!

  • Earn early access to products to build content with! Be the first!


  • Build your brand by partnering with Universal Lacrosse.

  • Gain access to more behind the scenes action helping to build your content and following!


We are seeking associates who care about spreading the game of lacrosse as much as we do. As an affiliate with Universal Lacrosse, we ask that you include our company name and provide links through our website on any gear or product you mention on your social media pages. We are a group of people who are incredibly passionate about lacrosse and we are looking for people who share that sentiment. We hope this is something you take under consideration. To find out more as to why you should become an affiliate, please continue reading.


Now comes the good part. By joining Universal Lacrosse as a partner and becoming an affiliate, you are given access to a wide array of new benefits. These benefits include:

  • 3% kickback on all sales directly correlated to the traffic you bring in.

  • 15% discount on all Universal Lacrosse products.

  • Early access to any and all limited edition products released by Universal Lacrosse.

Expand Your Brand

By joining the Universal Lacrosse team and accepting our partnership, we can use our global reach to help you expand your social media brand. This mutual relationship can be beneficial for the both of us. With your reach in the social media aspect of the sport, and our market share in the business side, we can create an audience large enough to increase both of our online traffic exponentially.

Eligibility Requirements to Join

The requirements to become a partner with Universal Lacrosse are as follows:

  • Minimum 1,000 followers/subscribers on social media pages.

  • Post on your social media pages at least once a month.

  • Your page cannot have broken any of the policies of the website you post on (i.e.YouTube terms of service, Instagram terms of use)

Application Checklist & Review Process

  • Assure your accounts follow our minimum eligibility requirements.

  • Contact our marketing brand manager Corey Schimoler at [email protected] to review your eligibility.

  • Get reviewed and await our response within one week of applying!


How do I get paid?

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How long will this affiliation last?

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How do you determine the amount of sales my influence is directly responsible for?

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We are excited to hear from you!

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