Lake Placid Summit Classic Has Begun!

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Today marks the first day of the Summit Classic at Lake Placid, NY and teams are looking to take home the #1 place in a variety of divisions. This is the 29th year that this event has been running and its made up of over 250 teams and 18 different divisions. The Summit Classic is one of the biggest tournaments of the summer and there is no better place to have it than Lake Placid. There are a bunch of sponsors going out there to show off some new products that can bring your game to the next level!

Some of the top talent in the country will be in attendance and some high-quality games will be played. The Summit Classic has many divisions all the up to 55+ age-wise,  which makes it the most diverse tournament. The Summit Classic is played in the Adirondacks which means the backdrop while playing is incredible.

If you’re out in Lake Placid, either playing or watching, you should check out some of our partners in the Vendor Village as they’re showcasing some new gear while having some competitions for some free stuff! Our friends at Maverik and STX are out there representing their brand while showcasing some of their great new products so make sure to go check them out if you’re around! Good luck to all the teams out there and try to bring home a championship!


2018 War at the Shore Recap

Colts Neck Middle School Was Electric

This weekend the annual War at the Shore Tournament took place in the lovely town of Colts Neck, New Jersey. The tournament was as competitive as it was fun with 58 teams from all over the state competing. War at the Shore is always an interesting tournament because of the amount of players and teams participating with the age ranging from College athletes to 50-60 year old men picking up their sticks again.

These were the championship matchups for each second day division. In the championship for the A division, Team Turnip faced My favorite Plumber with Team Turnip taking the dub 8 to 3. In the B division Black Chickens faced Hatrick Stars with Black Chickens winning 6 to 4. The C division championship had Boot N’ Rally winning against Team VT 6 to 0. In the D division final it was Chicken Cluckers beating Oh Yeah 8 to 5.

While the Division champions get points for winning the tournament, points for the most creative team name is a necessity when evaluating War at the Shore. Each team certainly doesn’t lack creativity when deciding what their name should be but there’s always a winner and a loser. Here I am going to rank the best team names from each day 1 division:

Red:                                                                                                 White:

Dancin’ Lobstahs                                                                           CarneA Suhh Dudes

Green                                                                                              Blue:

Dirty O’s                                                                                          My Favorite Plumber

Purple:                                                                                           Tan:

Prime Time                                                                                    Crickey!

Brown:                                                                                           Grey:

Flavortown USA                                                                            Beef Boi’s

Yellow:                                                                                          Scarlet:

The Drew Fund                                                                            Liberty Liabilities

Maroon:                                                                                        Silver:

Chicken Cluckers                                                                          Grease Hogs

Orange:                                                                                         Teal:

Atlantic City High Rollers                                                            Boot N’ Rally

Every team showed out at this year’s War at the Shore. As always, it’s a great time for guys to get their friends together and play the sport they love. Universal Lacrosse Company and STX are proud to sponsor such an event that allows lifelong lacrosse players to continue to play lacrosse even if they are no longer playing at a high level.

The Burn Warp Pro is Finally Here!

Introducing the Warrior Burn Warp Pro

Paul Rabil has teased about this drop of the Burn Warp Pro, but its finally being released! This Warp is made more for an offensive midfielder and attackman who cares about their shot speed and accuracy. The Burn Warp Pro comes in the standard Whip 1 and Whip 3 options that give you variety in different ways to play in the game. Whip 1 gives you more of a consistent feel and is made more for a player who wants a consistent pocket for passing and shooting. Whip 3 is more for a player who likes to dodge and have more hold to help you dangle. Here we’ll look at the aspects that make this stick great.

The Warp line has been around for a little while, so it’s becoming a familiar thing to see pro players using it every game. The Burn Warp Pro was specifically made for Rabil (who has been teasing this for about a year) and the Burn head series which gives the maximum amount of offset you can possibly have. Most people will be skeptical about the new Warps as it’s completely different from the traditional mesh pocket. This could be the best offensive warps on the market after it releases.

But what makes the Burn Warp Pro a great lacrosse stick? The Warp line adds a better alternative than stringing which can lead to loose strings and inconsistencies within your gameplay. The Warp is designed to make your play consistent without any worrying about how your pocket is going to hold up. The pocket is reinforced with kevlar to make sure your pocket doesn’t come loose. The pocket is also made up of premium materials to make sure you get the best possible feel. You can check out what Paul Rabil thinks about the new head on his youtube channel!

Overall, the Warrior Burn Warp Pro is a great offensive head that will be available on July 24th, so make sure to grab yours before it runs out on! You can also check out all the other top gear on our website as well!

World Games Custom Gear Report

Best Gear in the 2018 World Games

The 2018 World Games are underway and this year there is a ton of gear to look at. We’ll be specifically looking at the STX Rival and all of the teams that are rocking them for these games and some of the other gear that they’re wearing as well! The Rival is a newer helmet on the market, so to see it on the world stage is a great way to see all the custom options you can choose from.

Team Italy has some unbelievable helmets for the world games as they are subtle, but with some flashy decals. They have “Italia” on the back of the helmet with sick tomahawk decals on the top. The blue shell color with the white facemask really makes the helmet pop without all the flashy decals or chrome coloring which makes it a top helmet in the world games.

Another helmet that we think is cool is the Team England Rival helmet as it has the maroon shell color while having the white facemask to have that pop effect. It also showcases the team crest and on the back has the England flag to top off the helmet. The top of the helmet has a tomahawk-like decal similar to team Italy which adds some flair to the helmet as well. Solid helmet from team England as they face tough opponents in the next few games.

The best Rival at the world games though has to go to the Uganda National team as the matte black finish with the red face mask make this an awesome helmet overall. It offers a set of decals that are unmatched when it comes to other team helmets. The wings with the national colors of Uganda are a nice addition to the helmet to give it complete Ugandian experience.

There are a ton of cool helmets in the 2018 World Games and you can find all the custom options that you see on TV on our website with our new STX Rival helmet customizer! You can replicate pretty much everything you see in the games as well as make your own custom helmet only at Also, tell us which nation has the best helmets in the world games!


Team USA Cruises On To Next Stage In The World Games

The US National Team Goes Unbeaten in The Group Stage.

Team USA will advance into the next stage of the World Games in Netanya, Israel. After all four group games, the US was unable to be beat. The team is also leading the tournament in goals scored among all 14 groups with 65.

The US National team started off their campaign against the Iroquois Nationals and won 17:9. The second game was against a weak Australian side, the US dominated the game and coasted by with a staggering 19:1 win. Following their biggest win, the US side faced their toughest game in the group against Canada which lead to a dramatic game winning goal by legend Paul Rabil with a little over a minute left to seal the deal. Their last game was another blowout against Scotland 18:2.

So far the US has played extremely well, showing they are a force to be reckoned with. The team has scored a tournament high of 65 goals with almost a quarter of those goals coming from Ryan Brown of the MLL’s Charlotte Hounds. 16 goals scored so far in the tournament. 6 of those against Scotland, Brown is averaging close to 5 goals a game.

STX and Warrior Support Team USA

The United States team has been decked out in gear from top manufacturers Warrior and STX. The lacrosse giants have the team to looking as good as they are playing with custom gloves, pads and helmets. Most of the team can be seen wearing STX’s red and white themed arm guards and elbow pads. Some of the players also sport the Warrior pads as well. The Warrior gloves are also special made to have blue and white stars on the fingers and red and white stripes coming from the thumb. STX specifically designed their Rival helmet which is covered in red white and blue accents.

The US National team looks like it will continue to dominant the World Games in the coming rounds. With a history of winning, the US will shoot for their 10th win in the last 13 World Games. ESPN will air most of the games so be sure to tune in for the US games coming up. Also check out all the Warrior and STX gear the pro’s are using at

New Custom Women’s Stringing Now Available

See Why Universal Lacrosse Is The Best at Women’s Stringing

If you haven’t seen the new East Coast Dyes Women’s video, you might not have seen how easy it is to order a new head with a professional pocket. Lauren Lea, who plays for the Philadelphia Fire, shows how simple and easy it is to order from Universal Lacrosse with a bunch of different options to choose from. For only a little bit more, you can pick everything out on your new head whether its the type of mesh to what the center/outer rails look like.

See All The Different Styles of Pockets in Our Video Below

Most people don’t know how to how to string a stick, so why not get it done by someone professionally? It’s very simple on the Universal Lacrosse website as it goes step by step on what type of mesh, center rail, outer rail, and other stringing options that are totally customizable. If you want an STX Crux 600 head with the new Venom Women’s mesh with an assortment of colors added to the sidewall and shooters, it will take under a minute to fill out on the website. We aim to make it simple and easy so that it’s not a hassle to get your head strung at a reasonable cost.

Head on over the to see why professionals choose to get their game sticks strung by us. Our stringers have years of experience where and will give you the best possible pocket regardless of what type of pocket you need. You can check out all the newest equipment available on our website such as the Epoch Purpose, STX Crux 600, Under Armour Glory, and many more.

Under Armour All-American Game Recap

UA All-American Game Recap

Top or bottom ⬆⬇??? @ualacrosse @cascade_lacrosse

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The Annual Under Armour All-American game has always been one of the best games to watch as it showcases top talent about to go into the collegiate level. It’s everything you would want in an All-star game with electrifying plays and massive amounts of scoring. With a roster full of top Divison 1 talent, what more could you ask for? Heres our quick recap of the game and how it went down!

The South came out firing as they gained a large lead in the first quarter 7-1. There was a total of 129 total shots during the game by both teams so the opportunities were there. The South seemed dominant during the first half, but the North came back to bring it back within 5 goal game, but that was not enough to bring them into a potential comeback. The South was able to handle the North by winning 22-15 with no real close competition in goal scoring. The game was full of highlights as players wanted to get recognized for a great play, like Jose Boyer (Notre Dame Commit) landing a rusty gate! Attackman Nicky Solomon (UNC) stole the show with 4 goals to help him secure the MVP trophy of the game.

This rusty gate was clean. Tag a pole who needs to see this. @ualacrosse

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The one thing that lacked in this years All-American game was the lack of celebrations. This game is known for hysterical and clever goal celly’s, but this year there wasn’t much of that at all. The overused rowing celebration was used but that was really the only one. The past few years there were goal celebrations that made it onto ESPN’s SportsCenter.

But one thing that didn’t disappoint was the gear that they specifically made just for this game. With the help of Cascade, they created sick custom helmets to distinguish both sides as the North rocked a matte blue Cascade S while the South went with a chrome red finish. Under Armour also hooked up the players with cleats with the chrome finish on the bottom just to top off the amount of awesome gear they receive.

Which pair Of UAAA cleats are you taking home? 1️⃣ or 2️⃣

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Recap Of The 2018 MLL All-Stars vs. Team USA

2018 MLL All-Stars vs. Team USA

Last night two star-studded teams battled it out in an OT thriller as Team USA faced the MLL All-Star team. It was an even game which needed extra time to decide the winner, but the MLL All-Stars were able to close out the game. Will Manny Stole the show as he won MVP with 3 goals and an assist while having a ridiculous goal that reminded us of Mikey Powell and his acrobatic style.

WILL MANNY 🔥😳🔥 @willmanny1

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This game had all the excitement it should have as many of the top players in the world delivered some quality highlights. The All-Stars were down 5 goals with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, but the deficit did not let the All-Stars lose hope. They were able to close the gap to 1 goal with under a minute to play when Connor Buzcek scored with 15 seconds left in the fourth. It was a tight overtime as the next goal would win when Will Manny took advantage of a mistake by Team USA. They left him wide open and he fired it right past the goalie with a nice bounce shot.

@willmanny1 calls game! the @majorleaguelax All-Stars top Team USA 15-14 in OT 💥

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What was your favorite part of the game last night? There was so much custom gear that you can find at, such as the Cascade S where you can create your own custom helmet with our brand new helmet customizer. You can also find many of the heads and shafts that the Pro’s use for your own arsenal.

Fourth of July 2018 Launches – Universal Lacrosse

The fourth of July couldn’t get any more exciting thanks to the four new releases available on We have new products coming from ECD, Maverik and STX.


First, ECD is dropping their brand new ECD Carbon Pro limited edition USA shaft and USA Hero Mesh. The Carbon Pro shaft is an all white carbon fiber shaft with USA themed decals. ECD made these shafts even more special by making only 500. Each shaft is numbered 1-500 and can be seen on the end of the shaft. The USA Carbon Pro features the same lightweight construction and kick point technology found in the standard Carbon Pro shaft. We only have a select amount of shafts so be sure to get yours ASAP for a chance to get a shaft out of the top 10 made!

Continuing with ECD, the lacrosse giants are also releasing a new limited edition Hero 2.0 mesh perfect for the Fourth. The mesh is still the same Hero 2.0 mesh, including the remarkable Zonetech which utilizes Innegra Fibers and LTH Fibers to funnel balls to your channel for more accurate, consistent and controlled play. The Innegra fibers are the lightest on the market so there’s no added bulk. Of course the mesh is also completely hydrophobic meaning wet weather conditions will not ruin this mesh. Limited quantities available so get yours now.


The excitement doesn’t end with ECD this holiday because Maverik are releasing their brand new head, the HAVOK. The Havok is Maverik’s new head designed specifically for the long stick middie and defensemen.  With a tighter face shape and a lightweight construction the Havok delivers the best in class strength to weight ratio. Made from DURATOUGH material which is what gives the head its lightweight yet strong makeup. Ground control and X-Rail technology are also packed into this head. Each giving players the ability to scoop the ball during those ground ball battles with ease and the strength necessary to deliver powerful checks without worrying about snapping. 


Finally STX is also releasing the EnduraForm Hammer 500, a new version of the beloved Hammer 500. The EnduraFrom Hammer 500 is made with a blend of material to create a composite material that is able to withstand extreme temperatures and not fall apart. With increased durability and constistency coming from the EnduraForm material, STX also included its Speed Scoop technology for scooping up loose balls with no problem. C-Channel and a reinforced 3 strut design gives the Enduraform Hammer 500 the strength and capacity to handle power checks without faltering. With added strike plates as well the EnduraForm Hammer 500 is a defensemen’s dream and attack player’s nightmare.

All products mention are available at Limited quantities available for the USA Carbon Pro Shaft and USA Hero 2.0 mesh so get them before they’re gone!


Maverik Adds The Havok To Their Head Lineup

Maverik Havok Scoop Angle

The Maverik Havok is the newest head to be introduced by the lacrosse company. This time around the Havok is a head specifically designed for long stick midfielders and defensemen. The head includes a plethora of new and existing technology to create another classic head from Maverik.


Maverik Havok Side

The Havok has the best in class strength to weight ratio meaning that while the head is incredibly light. Its construction and materials used to make it deliver strength better than anything else out right now. With checks and ground ball battles being a huge part of the LSM and defensemen’s game, having a strong head that won’t break on you in the middle of a game is extremely vital. Maverik achieves this two ways, DURATOUGH and X-RAIL technologies. DURATOUGH is the material that comprises the head, this allows for the Havok to be stiff, durable and consistent enough for harsh weather conditions. X-RAIL technology disperses the stress put upon the opposite rails evenly so bending the head won’t cause it to snap.

The Havok also includes Ground Control. This is a special scoop angle allows for ground balls to be scooped up with ease. A level 4 bottom rail is also implemented. This is perfect for a mid-high pocket string-up. Keeping hold and control of the ball after picking it up is achieved without even trying.

The Havok is to be released on the Fourth of July just in time for the end of summer lacrosse tournaments and fall ball.  You can get yours at