Best Lacrosse Heads for Midfielders of 2018

Top 5 Middie Heads of 2018

The midfielder, a player full of speed, finesse,  and are constantly on the move.  They are workhorses that need a quality head that can do everything offensively and defensively.  Searching for your new elite Middie head? Here is our recommended top Lacrosse Heads for Midfielders for 2018.

STX Stallion 700


The STX Stallion 700 comes fresh outta the gate ready to bring top performance to the elite two way midfielder.  C-Channel Technology provides  energy down the bottom rail allowing it to become more durable and add efficient support in the right areas.  With this design their goal was met of producing a higher strength to weight ratio. Embodied with STX‘s Speed Scoop Design, it enables the Stallion 700 to be a ground ball machine with reduced drag and top string protection.  An ergonomic throat design allows for better handling making your cradles stronger and allowing exceptional control .  It comes with a strong sense of style having detailed accents and creative textures with reduced weight helping to keep the Stallion 700 on top of its peers.  If you are looking for the ultimate package in a Lacrosse head as a midfielder the STX Stallion 700 is the real deal.


Maverik Tactik


Optimized for precision passing, Speed dodging, and inside finishers, the Maverik Tactik is a powerhouse two way head.   The X-Rail technology brings a great amount of positive reinforcement and allows the head to work in such ways to benefit the player to the fullest. It administers stress to the opposing rail providing a stiff but also light weight design to enable use on both sides of the field.  With a Level 3 bottom rail, the Maverik Tactik  is engineered for a mid pocket providing the player with the perfect mix of accuracy and power. The new Optimal Release Point gives the player ultimate control while adding a strong amount of energy when ripping shots.  The Maverik Tactik is made with Duratough Material allowing it to stay a consistent stiffness in all weather conditions.


ECD Rebel Offense

ECD Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head

All new and ready to strike, the Rebel Offense by ECD (East Coast Dyes) is hot  off the press.  With an astonishing face shape, the Rebel Offense is ready to provide any midfielder with ultimate accuracy and epic ball control.  Light enough to feed passes and rip shots, the ECD Rebel Offense is also stiff and durable enough for slap checks and eating up ground balls all day. Featuring a complete package for the elite midfielder / attack man, the ECD Rebel Offense has it all to dominate the offensive side of the field!


Warrior Burn 2

Warrior Burn 2 Lacrosse Head

Re-designed for the offensive shooting player the Warrior Burn 2 comes packed with some heat.  The Burn 2 comes with a bunch of new technology and shows Warriors intentions to keep bringing to you some of the best products out there.  They added Sym-Flex design in the scoop and bottom rail which allows for maximized shot power and accuracy from far distance.  The Bottom rail is durable and Universal allowing for multiple pocket placements, as well as containing the all new patent pending Tilt-Tech string hole design for consistent tension and pocket performance.   Their new LOC-Throat design helps exclude head rattle with added stability.


Under Armour Command 2

Under Armour Command 2 Lacrosse Head

Used by some of the top midfielders in the game, the Under Armour Command was an obvious hit.  Well Under Armour may have outdone themselves this time bringing to you the all new Under Armour Command 2.  Back with a sleep look with added design and texture, the Command 2 is ready to deliver.  One of the best scoops in the game, and a classic yet adored face design, the Command 2 also comes with full off set sidewalls to help with shot speed and helping to push the pocket more towards the scoop. Like a high pocket? The Under Armour Command 2 is geared towards the player who likes quick feeds and agile shots.


STX Unveils The New Rival Helmet

If you follow @STXMLAX on Instagram then you’ve probably seen what all the fuss is about. If you haven’t – Then please allow us to introduce the new STX Rival Helmet soon to be hitting stores later this summer.

Featuring a new polished look for the new Rival Helmet, STX aims to impress players with new cutting lines and sleek shape. Retaining some of the same similarities as the Stallion 550 Helmet, the Rival helmet will work on some more aggressive styling hoping to appeal to the masses. We think they did a pretty good job of making this helmet a huge step above any previous STX helmet and a true contender in the market place.

Trusted by some of the most dominate programs in the country, STX has worked with some of the most elite players in the country to develop the Rival Helmet. Making sure it offers not only top of the line protection, but top of the line features and style as well. One of the early features we can see on this new helmet is the custom air fit system that allows players to pump and release pressure into the helmet to ensure a snug fit.

Aside from that, we’ve noticed some new ventilation that can be seen from the rear top of the helmet to bring added cooling to the Rival Helmet. These new vents offer some more aggressive styling as well with sharp cutaways that are sure to look mean with any uniform.

Keep an eye out for the new STX Rival this season with the nations top STX teams as they slowly trickle into circulation. Stay tuned here for more info to come on the new STX Rival Helmet!

Top Attack Heads of 2018

Every year lacrosse heads get more advanced. We’ve complied a list of the top attack heads of 2018 to make all the new science and technology seem a lot less complicated. Here at Universal, we took a look at all the top heads and ran our tests. Attack is a position where you can succeed in many ways. You can be a feeder, inside finisher, outside shooter, or creator. It is important to find the right head that will help amplify how you like to play the game. This is our list for the top attack heads of 2018. Not an attackmen? We have a list for the top overall heads, as well as, a list for top midfield and defense heads.

Top 5 Attack Heads of 2018

#1 – Maverik Kinetik

No surprise here that the Maverik Kinetik sits atop our list. Since release, the Kinetik has been a force to be reckon with at the attack position. The Maverik Kinetik has Tension Lock technology that allows a stringer to place the perfect shooting channel for more accuracy. The level 4 bottom rail allows for a mid-high pocket that delivers added power and increased hold. An optimal release point an aggressive face shape increases control and accuracy while allowing maximum energy transfer while shooting. This head is made for the guy looking to step in from the outside and let one fly. The Maverik Kinetik is a goalie’s worst nightmare from the outside.

Maverik KinetikShop-Now

#2 – ECD Mirage

The ECD Mirage is a staple in the offensive world. Designed for the elite offensive player, the ECD Mirage has enough support to handle some of the most vicious checks, but is lightweight enough for fast shots, and superior ball control. ECD is known for keeping the stringer in mind, and that really shows in the Mirage with a bunch of stringing holes, a narrow face shape, an aggressive flair. All of these, make stringing the ECD Mirage the way you like it a breeze.

ECD MirageShop-Now

#3 – STX Surgeon 700

You don’t need to go to school for 8 years if you want to be be a surgeon. All you need is the STX Surgeon 700. The Surgeon 700 offers a design that is perfect for the elite player. New technologies like Channel Lock, allow the player to string a tighter channel, which creates more consistency, and even more accuracy. The new suspension rail allows for even more freedom when stringing a pocket, so you can get it just the way you like it. The STX Surgeon 700 has a shorter throat giving you the ability to get closer to the ball for better control and a built in support for reduced head rattle. The STX Surgeon 700 is made with Enduraform which is up to 25% more stiff and up to 15% more durable, so you know it’s going to hold up in the worst conditions.

STX Surgeon 700


#4 – Warrior EVO 5

You can’t have a top attack heads list without including the Warrior EVO 5. The Evo line has stood the test of time, being a staple in the offensive game for years. Now the EVO 5 has even more features that make it perfect for anyone looking for a “do everything” type of offensive head. Tilt-Tech sidewall holes are angled ensuring that your sidewall string stays tight for a consistent pocket with improved hold. The Warrior EVO 5 has Symrail sidewall design which reduces weight without losing stiffness. Designed for a mid to low pocket in mid for a quicker release and ultimate ball control. Last of all, like most Warrior heads the EVO 5 comes with the Loc-throat which secures the head better and reduces head rattle.

Warrior EVO 5


#5 – Nike Lakota U

Last but not least, we have the Nike Lakota U. Easily one of Nike’s most popular heads, the Lakota U has been used by most players in the NCAA that have a Nike sponsored team. Coming in at 4.8 ounces, the Nike Lakota U is one of the lightest heads out there. The narrower pinch increases the hold and adds ball control. The Lakota U bottom rail is designed for a mid-high pocket which creates a quick release and added power. Plus, the Lakota U utilizes short round throat, which allows the player to get their hand closer to the ball, perfect for the one handed cradler.

Nike Lakota UShop-Now


Best Lacrosse Heads of 2018

As the 2018 season unfolds, Universal Lacrosse is here to give you our top lacrosse heads of 2018. With all the new technology being added to the sport, it can be difficult to decide which head is right for you. Luckily, we’ve done the research, and the testing to bring you the top heads of 2018. There are plenty of heads out there, and each head is designed in a particular way for each position. This will break down the top overall heads for the 2018 season. Stay tuned, and be sure to check out our break down for the top attack, midfield, LSM and defense heads.

Top 5 Best Heads of 2018

We rated our overall best heads of 2018 by how stiff the head is, face shape, new technology, string-ability and popularity. A stiff head is critical for being consistant when passing and shooting, and also plays into the durability allowing you to play all season long.  The face shape can change the overall performance of the head. A narrow and aggressive face creates a perfect channel with increased hold, ball control, and accuracy. New technology is especially important. As our sport progresses, each manufacturer is developing new performance features each year and highlighting the new technology allows you to see what is new. Stringing your head at the elite level of play is more important today than it has ever been. A head that is designed with the stringer in mind is a huge advantage in todays game. Lastly, overall popularity speaks for it’s self and the players opinions is what really counts.. This is our list of the best heads for 2018.

#1 – Maverik Kinetik

For the second year in a row, the Maverik Kinetik tops our list. The Kinetik is designed for outside shooters who want the most velocity and accuracy possible from their head. It is the lightest head in the Maverik line. The level 4 bottom rail allows for an optimal release point, which increases control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting. Tension lock allows the stringer to create a tighter shooting channel for increased accuracy.

Maverik Kentik Shop-Now

#2 – STX Stallion 700

The STX Stallion 700 is coming in hot at number two. The Stallion 700 is what happens when you have progression fueled by athletes. Designed with STX‘s speed scoop which reduces drag fro smoother ground ball pick ups. They have updated the throat designed to provide a more ergonomic grip. The STX Stallion 700 is designed for a mid-high pocket to improve hold and ball feel. The Stallion 700 is designed with C-Channel technology, which distributes impact evenly along the rails and throughout the head, so you know it can take a beating.

STX Stallion 700 Lacrosse HeadShop-Now

#3 – Warrior EVO 5

The Warrior EVO 5 is a part of the classic EVO line of heads. The EVO line has been a staple in the sport for a long time so you know it’s a solid pick. The EVO 5 designed with a mid to low pocket for ball control and a quick release. Symmetrical sidewall design allows the head to have maximum strength with minimum weight. The EVO 5 has new angled string hole design makes it easier to string sidewall laces tight and secure and for improved hold and pocket consistency.

Warrior EVO 5 Lacrosse HeadShop-Now

#4 – ECD Rebel Offense

ECD has done it again. The ECD Rebel Offense is their next head designed for the elite offensive player looking to do it all. They have redesigned the scoop with a slight pinch offering easier ground balls with increased accuracy while passing and shooting. The ECD Rebel Offense has an optimized face shape designed to have exceptional ball control and is stiff enough to take a beating as well as dish one out. Overall, the ECD Rebel Offense Head will dominate both sides of the field.

ECD Rebel Offense Elite Pocket Lacrosse HeadShop-Now

#5 – Under Armour Command 2

Under Armour‘s newest head the Command 2 sneaks in as number five. The Under Armour Command 2  brings updated features to one of the most versatile heads in the lacrosse world. The Command 2 is designed for every position on field. It has an ultra stiff design that is perfect for passing and shooting consistency and stick checks. They kept the Glide+Scoop for the smoothest ground balls from any angle.Under Armour Command 2


Rabil Shows Off A New Burn Pro Carbon Fiber Shaft

Professional lacrosse player and Warrior sponsored athlete, Paul Rabil showed off Warrior’s newest shaft last night on his youtube v-log; a seemingly Burn Pro Carbon Fiber Shaft. No exaggeration, this shaft is a beast. Carbon Fiber shafts appear to be on the rise in the sport of lacrosse. All of the top brands have been coming out with their own versions. With new technologies making these handles lighter and stronger it’s really no surprise more and more players are moving towards them. After all, a lighter shaft could mean faster shots or harder stick checks. The trouble is an obvious one. While these shafts get lighter, how do you keep them as strong as titanium? This question is way out of our league as we do not make composite handles. It seems like Warrior is making strides in the right direction.

While there isn’t a whole lot of information about a new Burn Pro Carbon Fiber, what Rabil showed off in his Vlog speaks volumes. Let’s talk about the weight. For reference, an iPhone X comes in weighing 174g. In his Vlog, Rabil puts the Burn Pro on the scale and it comes in weighing 119g. That’s light. What’s even more impressive is the apparent strength of this handle. Paul Rabil is a strong guy, this shouldn’t be news to anyone. What SHOULD be news though is the apparent strength of the Warrior Bun Pro. In his Vlog, Rabil takes the handle and walks up to some wood shipping pallets, and starts to cross check and slap check the handle of the pallets. Now, it should be made clear that there’s no telling how hard he was hitting this carbon fiber Burn Pro on those pallets, but it appears he’s not taking it easy on it. Okay, slightly impressive. A little later on they drive down to a Warrior factory where they build the handles. Here’s where the real strength testing is done. The footage shows some machines that are supposed to test the strength of the handles. The image of the handle between two supports, being pushed down in the middle by a hydraulic wedge, is something to behold.  See the below screen shot from Rabil’s Vlog.

Bend and dont break

It appears that Warrior is taking a page right out of the hockey book as Rabil tours the facility in Mexico that seemingly focuses primarily in manufacturing Warrior Hockey Sticks. Sign us up. As of right now all we have to go off of is Rabil’s Vlog. As the handle gets closer to release we’ll learn more about what capabilities it possesses. Until then go check out Rabil’s Vlog and see for yourself.

Warrior’s NEW Burn 2 Lacrosse Head

Warrior has been coming out with some fire in their new lacrosse lines. Part of the heat – is their new head the Burn 2. Warrior has been known to be one of the top lacrosse retailers for a while so expect this head to be nothing but money.Warrior Burn 2 Lacrosse Head

First off, the Burn 2 head is re-engineered with its offset and angles to be perfect for the outside shooting attack man and midfielders. It is perfect for those type of players so you can catch the ball easily because of the pinch and then let it fly from range due to its offset. I am pretty excited to get my hands on this head, because I am midfielder and this head looks beautiful to begin with, let alone its ability to sting corners from deep.

To make the Burn 2 even better, it is made with its Sym-flex design to allow for a easy and effortless scoop for ground balls and it what also helps maximize your shot power and accuracy. Sym-flex design makes the inside of the Burn 2’s sidewall mimic the outside, so it reduces weight while still keeping all the support needed. This allows for a bottom rail scoop fold and back-rail pinch to give you every advantage needed.

The Burn 2 strings up super easy now with the patent pending tilt-tech string holes that improves pocket tension and consistent pocket performance. With 17 strategically placed stringing holes, you will be able to string the perfect pocket with this bad boy.

Lastly, LOC-throat eliminates head rattle and adds stability to the head. If you want even more, there are two screw holes to make sure you will never have to deal with that annoying, loose rattling.

Available in white, black, grey, volt and orange, be sure to find the color that best fits you and get your Burn 2 ASAP!!


Maverik M4 Gloves review

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.13.03 PM

Maverik is back with their newest M line of gloves, the Maverik M4 Glove. The Maverik M4 glove is constructed with classic fit and feel. There is unrestricted movement allowing the player to have maximum feel and wrist movement.

The mitten is built to have more of a traditional fit, with added volume in the fingers for maximum protection, compared to other gloves in the Maverik family. The 37.5tm technology liner allows for a quick sweat evaporation. The palm of the Maverik M4 is built with INHALER mesh, allowing for air flow through the palm, as well as eliminating the possibility of the hand slipping off the shaft.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.10.07 PM

The adjustable cuff on the wrist gives the player some custom sizing and preference options when fitting their glove. The adjustable cuff design allows the cuff to tighten or loosen depending on the player preference. The looser the cuff allows for more mobility and range of motion. The tighter the cuff tightens the wrist for more of a snug fit.

The Maverik M4 comes not only in players gloves, but goalie gloves as well. The Maverik M4 Goalie Gloves have a TorqueLoc 2 design . The thumb protection has a hyper-extension and provides more mobility and can soak high velocity shots and slashes, if you like to come out of cage.

The Maverik M4 Player Gloves are available in white, black, red, navy blue, royal blue, and grey. The Maverik M4 Goalie Gloves are available in only black and white.



The Game Changing 2018 Maverik Shaft Line Up!

Maverik has been dialing in their shaft game and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Offering high performance shafts of every variety with the cleanest graphics in the game it’s no surprise we see these all over the field at every level.

Top Maverik Shafts For 2018


Artboard 11

The Maverik Hyperlite is up in the elite category when it comes to carbon fiber shafts. With a traditional octagonal shape, the Maverik Hyperlite is light enough to feel like a feather, but strong enough to endure the hardest of slashes. The Maverik Hyperlite also comes in two finishes, matte for a smooth feel, and a gritgrip texture for added feel.


Artboard 10

Maverik’s Apollo shaft is the lightest metal shaft they have to offer. The Maverik Apollo comes in the speed shape to deliver maximum shot velocity and is made with a combination of scandium and titanium alloys. A dynamic wall taper to add materials in areas of the shaft that see the most abuse and cut weight in areas that can afford it.


Artboard 3

The Maverik A1 is an offensive weapon. Made in the speed shape the Maverik A1 is incredibly light, but the scandium alloy with a thinner wall thickness provides great strength. The A1 also has a gritgrip finish giving you a taped feel with no added weight.


Artboard 14

The Maverik Wonderboy is a classic. Now 10% lighter than any previous version, the long time favorite is now anodized with new design for reduced weight. The Maverik Wonderboy comes in their signature shape for maximum strength and a matte finish for a natural feel for superior handling and control.


Artboard 3 copy

The Maverik Caliber is their strongest line of shafts to date. Made with Scandium-Titanium, the Caliber is lightweight and strong. This shaft is designed to take a beating as well as dish one out. The Maverik Caliber comes in the signature shape providing optimal strength and a bead blasted finish for added ball control. Comes in short stick and long pole sizes.


Artboard 13

Maverik’s Union shaft combines scandium-titanium alloy with dynamic wall taper technology to provide the most optimal strength to weight combination. The Union shaft comes in a traditional shape for the classic feel in your hands and has a bead blasted finish. This allows for a slight grip with added ball control.


Brand New Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior is coming out with a huge Burn line up and part of that is the Burn Pro lacrosse shaft. The Burn Pro was a great shaft for attack man and midfielders last year, and is now getting a renovation to be better then ever and ready to be a top seller.


One of the biggest changes comes in with the material. The new shaft is being made with Krpto-Pro material to make it Warrior’s lightest shaft in their market. This material also allows for the shaft to be able to withstand check after check as you make your way down the field to rip the corner apart.

The Burn Pro is also being made with a new shape. The Speed die shape gives you more of a traditional feel and with Diamond grip, your hand will slide up and down the shaft with ease in any weather condition. These new shapes of the shaft are completely changing the game, some of the grips are extremely beneficial with different parts of the game, so it is important to find the one that you like best.

Lastly, the new sleek look allows the shaft to look clean and simple, but still have that little bit of flash to make you look good while playing. Available in black and silver, make sure you pick the color that best suits your head!!


Under Armour Command 2 Head Review

First Looks: UA Command 2 Head

Under Armour is back at it again with an updated Command 2 head that is sure to take the field by storm this season. Picking up right where the fan favorite original left off,  the Command 2 Head delivers versatile performance that can truly operate at an elite level with every position (minus goalie).


UA designed the Command 2 Head with a perfect mid pocket sidewall rail for offering performance at every position. The mid pocket in addition to the full offset in this head is truly one of the most optimized pockets for ball control control and power. Whether your a shorty or rocking a pole, the Command 2 Head will get the job done.


The scoop on this head is also brings effortless ground balls from any angle of attack. With its rounded scoop profile, the Command 2 head builds on the success its predecessor.  With subtle cosmetic updates for weight reduction, you’ll get the same scoop you loved before with a lot less weight.

Under Armour was able to cut weight while making the Command 2 Head even stiffer and more durable then any other head in their line up. Featuring some subtle new cutaways and refined design the Command 2 delivers more elite performance with its versatile profile.