Best Lacrosse Corner Targets for 2018

Top 3 Lacrosse Corner Targets for 2018

When it comes to shooting practice in lacrosse, there aren’t many tools more useful then the corner target. Allowing players to dial in their shot with maximum accuracy the corner target can be the difference between pipe and net. It’s a simple concept but its practiced at every level from youth lacrosse to elite collegial programs and beyond. With that being said – What targets are the best for practicing your shot with? Here are our favorite 3 lacrosse corner targets for 2018!!

1) ECD Corner Target

The ECD Corner Target simply works – Ultra light weight and super durable with a new rubber design that locks on to any cage with its secure elastic fastening system.  This target takes a new approach to durability using a strong & flexible rubber that can handle even the hardest shots all day long. it is also a breeze to move around to different corners with an elastic quick release that takes just seconds to reattach. The bright blue target also makes for easy sighting when practicing shooting on the run.


2) Sniper Sports Target

The Sniper Sports Target is a great option featuring a solid metal construction with a rugged clamping system. This target is beefy but can stand up to any shooter and automatically reloads for the next man up with a self centering spring. This spring also eliminates the shot energy on impact causing the ball to fall straight to the ground rather then ricochet. The clamping system on this target can work with any goal using spacers and is sure fit securely where ever you place the target. Oddly enough one of our favorite features of this target is the “pipe like” sound this target makes when hit.


3) Maverik Corner Target

The OG target that every player to pick up a stick has shot on. Simple and effective. This is a great option at the price point and even comes with two targets! The Maverik Corner target also utilizes quick release bungies to secure the target to the corners. One of the only limiting down flaws to these targets is they must be placed in the top right and left corners due to their design which is not a big deal for anyone looking to focus on accuracy.


Overall, theres a corner target here that is sure to fit every players needs from the power shooter to the pin point sniper. When it comes to working on your shot there just simply isn’t a more effective tool outside of shot mechanics to help with shooting. Whether your a coach, player or parent the corner target is a must for taking your game to the next level!

Can You Believe It? Two New ECD Heads!

Introducing the ECD Rebel Offense & ECD Rebel Defense heads fresh out of Towson MD.

Now you may have seen some pictures of these heads floating around from laxcon. If you were lucky enough to check them out in person at laxcon then you know for sure how amazing the ECD Rebel Offense and ECD Rebel Defense are. Each tailored for a specific player focusing on specific features for each side of the field.

The ECD Rebel Offense Head offers a complete package for the two way threat. With it’s stiff profile and aggressive face shape this head is great for those middies who love to play on both sides of the field. Lightweight but powerful, the ECD Rebel Offense can run through checks and sting corners while dishing out the pain on defense. Featuring a newly improved scoop, middies will love running through ground balls and gaining that possession.

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On the flip side, the ECD Rebel Defense Head lays down the mean heavy checks while remaining surprisingly effective on the offensive side of the ball with some insane ball control. Using some meaty sidewalls and a slightly pinched face shape this head can give that elite defenseman the best of both worlds.

While the initial talk of the new ECD Rebel Offense head and ECD Rebel Defense head is shy on specifics we can definitively say these two heads will be all over the field this season. The ECD Crew will be surely giving us the the rest of the scoop on these heads in the coming days but stay tuned here for all the latest updates!

Upgrading Your Lid This Holiday Season.

When it comes to getting a new helmet, you can never do enough research to make sure your getting the right lid to protect your dome. In todays world there are always options when it comes to upgrading and that means amazingly great options but also bad ones. Were not talking about tilt or matching team colors, Were talking about making sure your head is properly secured and protected.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 4.24.27 PM

Cascade has done a great job of accompanying sizes from youth to adult with maximum protection for each. Cascade offers the perfect size, weight and price for every age group and level of play with best in class comfort, from the Cascade CS to the Cascade S there is a fit for every player. With the holiday season right around the corner its no surprise that helmets will be at the top of everyones list.

While trying to decide which helmet comes into play for fit and price, be sure to remember we offer free customization on select Cascade Models with our customizers. Currently you can fully customize the Cascade S  or the Cascade R in real time to match any youth, high school or college team colors!




Warrior’s Entire Head Line Up; Now Just $70.


Offense, Defense, Goalie and Everything In-between – Still $70.

That’s right – All unstrung Warrior heads are now $70 and under, and we mean every head. Warrior has reevaluated it’s pricing in an effort to help fuel the growth of lacrosse through more affordable equipment, an effort lead by founder and lacrosse great Dave Morrow. Now players have access to some of most advanced heads in the game for every position at an affordable price point, not just a minimally engineered head designed for the $70 mark. The new value delivered in this pricing strategy is unbeatable for a top of the line head; here are some of our favorites.

Warrior Burn 2 – $70


This just released head is designed for superior offensive performance. Geared towards the outside shooter for more accuracy and shot power, the Burn 2 delivers. Using Warrior’s entire suite of offensive technology this head is fully loaded with a redesigned scoop, Sym-Flex, Tilt-Tech and LOC-Throat ensuring you’ll never be out matched. Designed for a perfectly placed mid-pocket – the Burn 2 is ready to sting corners, run through defensemen and dominate the field.


Warrior Burn 2 Max – $70


Newly designed for the transition defenseman with the perfect package of hybrid performance. Using a tighter face shape then traditional defensive heads while retaining the increased durability, the Burn 2 Max is perfect for the modern LSM or defenseman. This head is also amazing on the ground ball game with a redesigned scoop and bottom rail helping win those key possessions.


Warrior Evo 5 – $70


A head who’s lineage needs no introduction – The Evo 5 is the latest installment of lacrosse’s most popular heads, the Evo series. Designed and tailored to the elite offensive player with it’s famed face shape engineered for superior accuracy, control and power. The Evo 5 brings unrivaled offensive performance with a complete package geared towards the elite offensive player.


Warrior Regulator Max – $70


The defenseman’s ultimate weapon – The Regulator Max is a defensive head in a class of its own for stiffness, durability and checking power. Warrior designed the Regulator Max to the stiffest defensive head on the market for harder and more effective checks with their MAX design. This new design reinforces several key areas distributing added strength throughout the head. The Regulator Max is perfect for those takeaway defensemen who need a bulletproof head that can take the abuse all season long.


Warrior Nemesis 2 – $70


Even the Keepers are getting in on the savings with the famed Nemesis 2 now only $70. At the goalie position there isn’t anther inline head near this price let alone the value. The Nemesis 2 has been one of the most popular goalie heads since it’s release and undoubtably will now only be even more present. Goalies at every level can be seen using the Nemesis 2 featuring a classic design with enhanced light weight performance that every goalie can appreciate.



Which Elite Maverik Head Can Help Your Game?


Ever wonder if your missing out on some performance with your current lacrosse head? Well it very well might be the case in all honesty, choosing the right head for your game can be a big difference maker on the field. In the world of limitless options, one high performance lacrosse manufacture is sure to have an elite head to match your game. Maverik Lacrosse has painstakingly engineered 5 top of the line heads, specifically engineered for separate niches of the sport. With that being said, lets see if we can find you a new gamer in Maverik’s line up!

Maverik Kinetik – Aggressive Shooter



Delivering more power to the elite attack man – The Kinetik is designed with every piece of offensive technology Maverik has to offer, and its a lot. Featuring an aggressive face shape and finely tuned offset, the Kinetik delivers increased shot velocity and accuracy for outside shooting. Maverik also unveiled new Tension Lock technology across the top of the head pulling the upper diamonds tighter and creating a tighter and more accurate channel. This new tech paired with an Optimal Release Point allows shooters to load more shot energy in their shots for added velocity. For added durability, the Kinetik is engineered with X-Rail technology to distribute stress throughout the head and is made with Maverik’s new DuraTough material for added strength.



Maverik Tactik – Offensive Midfield

The Tactik has been a proven favorite of elite offensive middies looking to maintain shot power and accuracy without giving up the two way play capabilities. Finding a seemingly perfect balance of weight to strength, the Tactik can deliver impressive offensive performance while remaining incredibly durable. Maverik utilized a Level 3 Bottom Rail with the Tactik’s design for crafting a perfect mid pocket to further balance this elite two way head’s performance profile. The Tactik utilizes an optimal release point to bring added control and deliver extreme energy transfer while passing and shooting for added velocity. Using new X-Rail technology the Tactik distributes stress through out the head to increase durability. Also included is Maverik’s new Duratough material to enhance overall stiffness and provide consistant play in any weather.



Maverik Optik – Elite Offense

The Premiere offensive head for tactical precision, the Maverik Opik is without a doubt one of the most popular offensive heads on the market. The Optik delivers incredible accuracy, hold and power using an light weight 2 strut design for reduced weight and engineered stiffness. With a level 2 Bottom Rail design, the Opik is ideal for a perfect mid-low pocket creating quicker releases and added power. 17 stringing holes on each sidewall will allow any stringer to craft an elite pocket to their liking and performance preference. It is not very often that you see a head that creates such effortless accuracy but the Optik delivers just that.



Maverik Centrik – Unmatched Versatility

The Maverik Centrik delivers one of the most versatile performance profiles in lacrosse making it a heavy favorite by top level midfielders. The Centrik is designed to help maximize shot velocity and ball control while on offense with dominating strength for defensive play. Featuring a mid/high Level 4 Bottom Rail the Centrik offers unshakable hold and ball control for ball carrying during transitions. The Centrik also has a narrow throat structure for even more added ball protection making running through checks seem effortless. Maverik finely tuned the 3 strut design on the Centrik by hollowing out the inner walls of the struts creating featherlike weight while remaining stiff. Featuring this highly versatile profile, its no wonder why the Maverik Centrik has been one of the most popular and trusted midfield heads for over 4 years.



Maverik Tank – Dominant Defense

Last but certainly not be called least, the Maverik Tank has been a favorite of elite defenseman for its overall incredible defensive performance. Seemingly flawless for the defensive player, the Maverik Tank addresses every issue a defensive player could come across with a standard head. Featuring unmatched durability and True Form Technology the Tank will retain its face shape for far longer than others with the long-term abuse of defensive play. With a 4-strut sidewall design for maximum rail support the Tank can give and take as much abuse as you can throw at it. Maverik also widened the face shape of the Tank for batting down passes and scooping up ground balls like a vacuum cleaner. A Level 5 Bottom Rail makes this head ideal for the high pocket that defenseman love for its added ball control during clears from those take away checks.


Overall, as you can see the Maverik line up has a head for just about anyone in todays game. From the highly tuned to the highly versatile, there is a head to match your game no matter what your role on the field is. And the best part is, all Maverik heads are manufactured right here in the USA and come with a 6 month warranty. Make sure to shop for your next gamer at or at one of our amazing retail stores near you!


New Price Drops With Warrior / Brine Heads


Why and how would something like this happen? Is it possible that a wave of philanthropy just overtook  our friends in Michigan (Warrior HQ)? Or maybe New Balance said “hey guys, your plastic is too expensive, give some $ back to the people!” Maybe we will never know but the fact remains that the all Warrior / Brine unstrung heads will now be priced under $70! This includes…

Warrior Evo 5

Warrior Regulator MAX

Warrior Noz 2

Warrior Nemesis 2

Brine King II & King II ST

Brine Dictator & Dictator ST

Eraser 2

Are all now going to cost $70 bucks…

We all had mixed reviews when the first Warrior head broke out of the typical 2 digits price tag. Players who had been using Warrior and Brine products for years searched for some alternatives but many of them stuck around. Warrior & Brine have been some of the games premier head designers and manufacturers since the beginning. Even so – as they started charging more for their seasoned engineering, the higher price tag didnt scare away players from grabbing their high end heads off the shelves.

As of Nov 3rd you will see all of the Warrior & Brine lacrosse heads selling at $70. This should give those players that never looked above the $80 price point a chance to get a high end head in their hands.  We are not exactly sure what the motivations to bring these prices down are but we are happy to see these great products are more economically accessible for the growth of the game!

Women’s Lacrosse Mesh Pockets


New For 2018: Mesh Pockets In Women’s Lacrosse

In one of the most surprising stories to hit the lacrosse scene this off season, women’s lacrosse FINALLY allowing for mesh in women’s sticks at all levels! This is huge news for the sport of lacrosse and the growth of our sport. One of the major drawbacks in our sport has been its complexity whether it comes from rules, padding or sticks. The mens side has seen great growth since its introduction of mesh pockets making catching and throwing much easier for new players. It also makes the rules and maintenance for girls sticks much simpler to follow and understand keeping new girls in the game longer. While the official regulations for mesh pockets in women’s lacrosse have not been released in terms of stringing restrictions, the overall regulations have been released.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.28.44 PM

Now Girls players can primarily focus on two basic rules for women’s pockets that are easily identifiable and previously used. 1) The pocket depth must allow the ball to be visible above the sidewall and 2) Same shooting string rules apply, shooting strings must be attached both sidewalls of the head.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.25.49 PM

What does this mean? Means things are a lot simpler for players, coaches and refs… but it also means the girls game is going to see some interesting new styles of play in the coming season. The main intent of this rule change is to keep the stick simpler but inherently there will also be some performance factors at play as well. As the mens game discovered, mesh offers several different performance benefits for hold, control and accuracy over traditional.

It will be interesting to see how manufactures like ECD take to Women’s Mesh Pockets with new products and designs. Warrior’s Warp program has had rapid advancements with several integrations since its launch last season. It would not be surprising to see major manufactures develop new tech to fit the mold of these new rules for women’s sticks and seeing what proves to be most effective.

New STX Alliance Shafts


STX delivers two new carbon fiber performance shafts for the 2018 season with distinct performance traits. Honing into the different performance needs across the field, STX is introducing the Alliance VFT and Alliance XL shaft by tapping into the highly versatile applications of carbon fiber. Each Alliance shaft performs with a different style of play unique to the offensive and defensive position giving short sticks great options all across the field.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.07.19 PM

alliance-vft-handle-int2The STX Alliance VFT shaft is engineered with Variable Flex Technology, hence where the VFT comes from. This technology is designed to provided the offensive player a responsive, snappy feel while handling the rock in your basket. In order to make sure you have full control, there is a targeted raised 3D grip. This grip was inspired by player movement and preference which can immediately be realized on first inspection. The Alliance VFT uses a concave octagon shape with the handle for a more smooth and complete grip. You can find this great shaft in white/grey making it a match for any gamer.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.06.58 PM


STX Alliance XL lacrosse has an oversized octagon shape to provide a powerful grip. Using a wider diameter taper from the throat of the head to the butt end of the shaft the Alliance XL fills your hands for noticeably enhanced grip. The 3D raised zones provides its own grip to the shaft, basically making it have a tape-like feel without actually using tape and having to add more weight to the handle itself. STX included a built in end cap with the Alliance XL making it ultra sleek and brings added functionality.

These shafts are a must checkout! They will be flying off the shelves and off the web fast. We suspect the Alliance XL will quickly become a must have for FOGOS as STX athlete and Face Off Academy instructor has been loving the extra control while facing off with the XL. Be sure to check out these shafts and get dialed in for 2018!


Cell IV Protection Has Arrived

Introducing the Cell IV Protective Line Up

Back by popular demand – STX reveals their fourth installment of the famed Cell Protection series. The Cell IV protection line is packed with cleaned up styling and newly upgraded tech.  Following one of the most popular padding lines to ever enter the lacrosse world, STX nailed this latest upgrade that is sure to please any fan of the Cell protection line.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.12.25 AM

Including a new glove, shoulder pads and 3 different arm pads the Cell IV line up has something for every position and style. True to the Cell legacy each pad is designed for the ultimate comfort and protection through GeoFlex II technology which is also 25% lighter then the previous. This is a unique hexagonal padding structure designed by STX to provide superior protection, flexibility and comfort. These insanely comfortable pads are also some of the most well ventilated on the market with it’s Breathable Protection System in each pad which can be experienced through out the entire line.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.37.03 AM

The Cell IV protection line has you covered with the new Cell IV Gloves, Elbow Pads, Arm Pads, Arm Guards, and Shoulder pads making this STX’s most versatile line up ever. You will be able to see players from all over the field rocking Cell IV protection from the defenseman wearing the Cell IV elbow pads to the heavily armored attack man rocking Cell IV arm pads. Same deal with the Cell IV Gloves which are just as versatile with a Power Fit profile for added flexibly and control whether your an mid fielder dodging from up top or a long pole slapping checks.

Overall – STX delivered a big upgrade with the Cell IV line up that is sure to be spotted at every level of play this 2018 season. Simply updated styling and protection build on the Cell’s legacy perfectly by maintaining everything we loved from the previous models with perfectly upgraded tech. The Cell IV Protective line up is sure to impress from the first minute gearing up and will be a favorite for the 2018 season.



Hero 2.0 Revamped for Breast Cancer Awareness.

With the month of October right around the corner, NFL teams are gearing up to show off their new breast cancer awareness gear. East Coast Dyes is no different – releasing a new limited edition BCA Hero 2.0 mesh color way to their already popular line up.

BCA Hero 2.0 Mesh will have all the same features you’ve grown to love. With ZoneTech technology utilizing Innerga Fibers paired with LTH fibers, the BCA Hero 2.0 mesh offers great precision, consistency and control. Innerga Fibers are woven to the outer diamonds, and are less elastic to hold the side wall better, and stretch less over time. The LTH Fibers are located in the center of the mesh. These fibers are softer and provide a responsive touch. This combination allows for a more channeled pocket, that will feel lighter and not bag out as much. Also, true to ECD style, BCA Hero 2.0 mesh offers hydrophobic fibers that allow for consistent performance in all conditions.

When you purchase this new mesh a portion of the sales will be donated to a Breast Cancer Foundation. 1 in 8 women will be effected by breast cancer according to, by purchasing this mesh you could be contributing to a great cause.

This year’s #BCA #Hero2 is probably our coolest yet. Coming 10.1.17 #Hero2 #ForTheCure #MadeInTheUSA

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