The Next Epoch Generation

Epoch Dragonfly 8 Lacrosse Shafts.

Epoch done did it again!! Epoch’s latest installment of advanced lacrosse equipment comes in the form of their revamped Dragonfly series of lacrosse shafts. That’s right, every shape and flex type as the gen 7, now redesigned. Epoch has quickly become the industry leader in carbon fiber shaft development; delivering the most technologically advanced sticks for peak performance at any level of play.

The Dragonfly8 series all incorporate Epoch’s 12k intelligent weave technology coupled with their torque box 2 tech; strategically layered strands of carbon fiber to effortlessly enhance the transfer of energy of the ball leaving your stick and snapping back into place. Essentially, strategically placed flex points for maximum torque and velocity.

New to the line is Epoch’s surface veil technology which brings an extra layer of protection to the exterior of the shaft for added strength and durability without adding unwanted weight.

Long story short; Epoch’s stock continues to rise as they continue to bring innovation and ingenuity to the forefront.  You can now snag one of these awesome Dragonfly 8 handles (attack length and defensive too) over on or at your nearest Universal Lacrosse retail location!

East Coast Dyes unleashes a LE Mirage

ECD’s new LE Grey Marble Mirage

Marble grey. Coming soon. #ECDmirage #MadeInTheUSA #FeelTheDifference #Clean #Marble #Grey

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East Coast Dyes is never afraid to unleash the limited edition heat and they just did it again with their new highly limited Grey Marble Mirage Head. A new twist on arguably one of the best-selling heads that is sure to be quite the hit. Featuring a unique new marbled grey appearance, while living up to the elite performance of the Mirage no two heads will look exactly the same. The new look on the LE Grey Marble Mirage Head can be noticed easily from a distance and is even more impressive upon close inspection.

This is a new look that has been teased by ECD for some time now and the fans are finally getting what they asked for. Undoubtedly this will be a very popular release and while no official details have arrived from ECD we can only wait and see what is in store. Make sure to stay tuned to @ecdlax and @universallax for updates on the unreleased LE Grey Marble Head!

Updated Classic: The Nike Lakota 2


Nike Lakota 2 Review

The Nike Lakota 2 gives a major face lift to the highly popular classic. Nike’s updated Lakota 2  keeps all of the favorite features from its predecessor and delivers several great updates in performance and cosmetics. The Lakota 2 provides an easy answer for any attackman or midfielder looking for superior ball control, accuracy and durability.



The Lakota 2 utilizes the same iconic face shape and offset everyone has come to love from the original. The narrow pinch of the Lakota 2 offers some of the best ball control in the game making it an instant favorite for the offensive player. In the world of offset, not many heads have nailed it like the Lakota with its elongated offset helping keep that ball in the sweet spot. Nike has re-enforced the Lakota 2‘s sidewalls bringing increased durability and stiffness while keeping the same sidewall strut design. Who doesn’t like some added strength and consistency?

Advancing an already impressive scoop is a tall order but Nike did just that with the Lakota 2. Newly tuned with a more rounded profile, this head can suck up ground balls from any angle. It is a minor adjustment that makes a big difference with the Lakota 2 that any midfielder or attackman can immediately appreciate.


The Lakota 2 has a ton of stringing holes and features new Lacelock technology along the sidewall holes bringing a tighter and longer lasting pocket to your game. Players using traditional pockets have always gravitated towards the Lakota for its seemingly perfect assembly of the traditional pocket.  For you traditional guys, the new secure Lacelock feature keeps leathers in place and prevents them from getting loose and slipping. The Lakota 2 offers some great stringing innovation that will help keep those pockets dialed in all season long.


Overall, the Lakota 2 head brings a lot of great improvements to an already amazing head. One of the more refreshing components of this update is its simplicity. Nike kept all the good and just slightly tweaked this head to deliver some extra performance without over doing it. Previous Lakota users will definitely feel the same commanding offensive power with the Lakota 2 and then some. For any offensive player looking for that extra edge on the attack, the Lakota 2 is a great option for you.


Under Armour Command X Head Review


Under Armour has released its newest head designed specifically for the face off, The Command X. The Command X utilizes some of the most innovative face-off technology the lacrosse industry has seen to date and is the brain child of living legend Paul Gait. Back in the days of GAIT Lacrosse before Paul Gait joined the Under Armour family, Gait was at the helm pushing some crazy innovation in lacrosse gear with a fair share of hits. The Command X is 100% a hit and probably the best from Paul Gait to date.

Starting from the ground up the Command X was designed to solely win face-offs, not look the best, not shoot from the outside and not run through an entire defense – Just win face-offs. It does just that with several key performance features to bring a huge advantage to your game. Featuring an asymmetrical design, flared sidewalls, Glide Scoop technology and a shortened throat with 4 point screw attachment system the Command X is simply loaded with faceoff performance.


An asymmetrical head design has not been pulled off successfully in lacrosse until the Under Armour designed the Command X. Asymmetrical for a lacrosse means both sidewalls are not identical and have different designs which is definitely a brush against the norm. The Command X pulls it off flawlessly with a dual performance profile engineered through a ridged top sidewall and flexible bottom sidewall. The ridged top rail uses a beefier design and added sidewall struts for added strength to help out muscle opponents and help retain face shape. The bottom rail is thinner and more flexible allowing for finesse based moved keeping your play book at the X wide open. The asymmetrical profile of the Command X allows you to get the best of both worlds with a stiff durable top rail for the 50/50 battles and a thin flexible bottom rail to out skill opponents.


Lacrosse has seen sidewall flares since the beginning of plastic molded heads but not like the Command X. Under Armour designed this head to literally dive under an opponent’s head with a claw-like downward flare on both sidewalls. The top rail uses an aggressive downward flare paired with its beefier design to dig under an opponents head and secure the ball. Paired with a smaller thinner downward flare on the bottom sidewall, the Command X hugs the field and glides under the ball for easier ball security during faceoffs.


Under Armour‘s Glide Scoop technology has been a huge favorite of the lacrosse community for its ability to attack ground balls at any angle. The Command X  utilizes this Glide Scoop technology to offer easy ground balls during faceoffs to help win those possessions. The Glide Scoop is also remarkably stiff for running through ground balls as well which is hugely lacking in most face off heads giving the Command X one more advantage.


The shortened throat on the Command X also allows players to get their hand as close to the ball as possible during faceoffs. This is a huge advantage that any faceoff midfielder will immediately recognize. You see will this design on a lot of face-off oriented heads now with the STX Duel originally leading the charge. The control you have with this little change up makes a huge difference. Also new to the lacrosse world is the 4-point handle locking system on the shortened throat of the Command X. This new system secures and locks the head onto the shaft without any rattle. There are 4 screw holes, 1 on each of the four throat sides to create a secure fit of the head onto the shaft.


Overall – The Command X is an absolute machine at the face-off X. It would be hard to find a head to compete with the level of innovation the Command X brings to the face-off community. Under Armour and Paul Gait delivered the ultimate tool kit with the Command X by pushing some impressive innovation that is flat out effective. If you are a face off midfielder in the market for a new head this season and are tired of the standard face off head; TheUnder Armour Command X will offer you a new world of performance.


Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2017

Best lacrosse gloves for 2018

Year in and year out, manufacturers like  Maverik, STX, and Epoch continue to design and incorporate new innovative technologies and of their lacrosse gloves in order to provide players with every level maximum comfort, mobility, and most importantly protection.  This year alone, there have been numerous new releases to join the tried and true best sellers. So without any further ado, here is our quick list of the best lacrosse gloves for 2017 (in alphabetical order).

  1. Epoch Integra GlovesEPOCH Integra Lacrosse Glove
    Epoch is still a relatively new lacrosse company in the grand scheme of things, but they have quickly become one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of lacrosse products. Epoch really made a splash with the release of their Integra protection line. The Integra gloves are truly ahead of their time! Epoch introduced the world to their Phase Change, heat and moisture, control technology to help keep the player’s hands fresh in any climate. The tri-layer duel density foam padding coupled with Epoch’s signature carbon fiber tech has been integrated in strategic areas of the glove to provide maximum coverage while also providing unrestricted movement.


2. Maverik MAX Gloves

The Maverik Max gloves have been designed to have unparalleled performance and protection for the experienced player. Maverik’s use of their Shark Gel inserts along the thumb add increased protection to a pivotal area of the hand. The synthetic suede palm in addition to the dura stretch panels across the knuckles give the Max gloves that already broken in feel and stick control. Maverik’s FlowCool Venting System increases airflow throughout the glove to keep the player’s hands cool and comfortable.


3. STX Surgeon 700

STX’s newest addition to their protective padding lines was the Stallion 500 lacrosse glove. They showcase a new PowerFit Profile which provides maximum wrist mobility for quick hands. STX also targeted the player’s thumb for improved protection and implemented the combination of their new HEXPro technology and ISO thumb for flexible protection. Another subtle, and overlooked, feature of the Stallion 500 gloves is the GuardLock, a strap located on the wrist cuff to secure mouth pieces while they are not being used. Shop-Now

4. True Frequency Gloves

True Frequency Lacrosse Glove
True is another new comer to the game so to say. Beginning as a predominantly golf and hockey company, True Temper made the jump over to lacrosse in 2016. But don’t be fooled, the years of experience and expertise in other sports have quickly propelled True towards the top of the lacrosse world!  The low profile design and 4-piece cuff system of their glove offer mobility with advanced wrist protection. The True Frequency lacrosse glove is a piece of the first (of presumably many) lines of protective equipment from the company. These gloves utilize a duel density foam in an anatomically designed pad layout for a flexible energy dispersing protection. And a feature all lacrosse moms can love, the TRUE interior glove liner is treated with an antimicrobial treatment to reduce the growth of odor causing bacteria.


5. Warrior Evo Pro Gloves

One of the OG’s of the lacrosse world, Warrior Lacrosse, continues to pump out new and innovative technologies and products. Their Evo Pro gloves are just another example of what they can do. Warrior’s unique BOA system allows a quick, customizable, and secure fit while minimizing pressure points which could potentially cut off circulation. The D30 Aero foam is a revolutionary light weight foam technology which absorbs impact in key areas of the Evo Pro gloves for max protection and comfort.


Whether you are a new player or a grizzled vet, the lacrosse gloves listed above are just a few of our favorites for 2017. Every year, player safety becomes more and more important, and we are happy to see the evolution of lacrosse equipment happen right before our eyes with constant innovation. All above options are available online at Universal Lacrosse or stop in at your local Universal Lacrosse location.

Types Of Men’s Lacrosse Shafts

It’s no secret lacrosse has come a long way with it’s popularity increasing each year. The sport’s growth over the years has created huge competition among manufactures to elevate technology with increased performance, the lacrosse shaft being a huge focus. Before getting into materials, some basic information is helpful when really understanding the different performance requirements by each position.

Men’s Lacrosse Shafts by Position & Size:

Attack; the offensive elite of the team utilize a 30 inch shaft designed to evade defenseman while offering ball control with precision passing and shooting. These shafts are often preferred to be ultra light weight by attack-men and sacrifice durability for speed.

Midfield; these work horse athletes also use a 30 inch shaft that must to do it all on the field just like them from offense to defense. Midfielders typically utilize a shaft designed for more all around performance with more durability then attack-men because of their defensive requirements as well.

Long Stick Middie or LSM; a hybrid between a midfielder and defenseman, the LSM operates with 60 inch shaft or “long pole” designed for defending against transitions during face offs. A lighter long pole is preferred by these transition players for added quickness and better ball control during clears.

Defense; the brutes of the team utilize a 60 inch shaft for aggressive checking capability and closing distance against quick offensive players. These shafts can take a beating over the course of a season and are susceptible to bending and denting if not properly selected by level of play. Generally a good balance of weight and durability is preferred by defensive players.

Goalies; the last line of defense for a team use a 30 – 40 inch shaft for wider hand placement but some do prefer the added quickness of an attack length shaft (30 inches). Wider hand placement gives Goalies a powerful stance against high speed shots for better rebound control. While the shorter shaft allows for quicker shot reaction and more mobility.

Types of Lacrosse Shafts by Material:

With a better understanding of each shaft requirement by position, there are also a variety of material options to consider when selecting a shaft. Time tested metal based shafts have been around for years and are still widely popular. On the other side of the spectrum new age technology introduced elite Carbon Fiber shafts in recent years and have slowly grown in popularity. Most of the decision is generally personal preference but there are some unique features to each type.

Aluminum Based: There are several different grades of aluminum as a basic material ranging from the 1000 series to the 7000 series. With that, Lacrosse also uses several levels of aluminum grades for different varieties of weight and durability, but generally speaking these shafts are used at the beginner to intermediate level.

Titanium: The first truly technology based advance in lacrosse equipment was the introduction of the titanium lacrosse shaft. Prior to Titanium, wood and low grade aluminum was used at every level of play. When Titanium was introduced it was the uncontested champion of the field with a superior light weight feel and devastating strength. Still a wildly popular shaft in todays game as still one of the most durable offerings for midfielders and defensemen.

Scandium: An excellent choice of all around performance and arguably the most popular material for lacrosse shafts today. Balanced with light weight speed and impressive durability, Scandium offers a complete package for most players at an affordable price point.

Scandium – Titanium: A high strength – light weight option for elite players looking for a serious lacrosse shaft. This hybrid alloy pulls highly durable performance at a fraction of the weight of Titanium by infusing light weight and durable Scandium. Praised for it’s “best of both worlds” completion, players at the high school, college and pro levels prefer these shafts for lasting performance.

Carbon Fiber: The latest and greatest by manufactures offering untapped performance at the lightest weight to strength ratio. Caron Fiber shafts have really begun to take steam over the last few years bringing new shapes, grips and flex profiles to lacrosse. We have seen rapid performance increases through Carbon Fiber shafts such as new world shot speed records. Carbon Fiber shafts also last with full performance until complete failure and will not bend or dent.

Wood: More of a novelty in today’s field game with small appearances through more laid back pick up games. Offering durable play at a heavy weight, most use wood shafts for more recreational game play.

Best Lacrosse Heads for 2017


Here at Universal Lacrosse, we’ve tested and played with the best lacrosse heads around. With all the options in today’s market, finding the right head for you can be a tough task to navigate. We wanted to give players a full guide for the best lacrosse heads of 2017 based on overall performance. To do this we rated and scored each head with the same overall criteria.  We understand that there are a ton of great heads out there meant for specific positions, but these are the best heads in general for 2017. If your looking for a head by specific position we have you covered there too. Check out our top 5 best heads by Attack, Middie, LSM and Defense.

Top 5 Best Heads of 2017

Our overall best heads of 2017 are scored and rated by stiffness, face shape, technology, string-ability and popularity. A stiff head is crucial for having consistant and durable play keeping you at your best all season long.  The face shape for overall performance needs to be narrow and aggressive for creating the perfect channel with increased hold and ball control. The new technology is especially important with each manufacture developing added performance features each year. With todays elite level of stringing your pocket is everything. Making sure your pocket is keeping ahead with a well designed head is a huge advantage in todays game. lastly, overall popularity speaks for it’s self and we take the players opinions just as seriously. Here is our list of the best heads for 2017.

#1- Maverik Kinetik

Maverik’s latest and greatest. An ultra light head designed for the outside shooter with an aggressive face shape.



#2- STX Stallion 700

Newest head from the already legendary Stallion line. Loaded with tons of major upgrades, this head is designed for the all around work horse.



#3- ECD Mirage

East Coast Dyes’ breakthrough head. Designed for the elite offensive player and loved for its pin point accuracy and extreme string-ability.



#4- Nike CEO

NIke’s best-selling classic. One of the most dominant heads for the last 3 years with offensive players for it’s powerful accuracy. Also, the most popular head on the market for FOGOS.



#5- Warrior Evo 5

Warrior’s versatile offensive head. One of the most iconic head lines ever in lacrosse just got better, offering a stiff lightweight profile with an aggressive face shape and updated scoop.



So there you have it, the best heads of 2017.  If you are looking for position specific heads check out our other head rankings by position below.  We tell you what heads should be used for each position and what is so great about them making sure you have all the proper info.  Again, keep in mind that these are our recommendations for the best heads of 2017 based on their performance traits and overall popularity.

5 Best Attack HeadsATTACK

5 Best Middie HeadsMIDDIE

5 Best Defense HeadsDEFENSE


Best LSM Lacrosse Heads of 2017

Top 5 Best LSM Heads

Finding the right LSM head that fits the unique style for a long stick middie is no short task. The Long stick middie or LSM looks for a head that fits a narrow niche between a defense and midfield head in terms of strength, flexibility, and face shape.  LSM’s are always dishing out powerful checks, scooping ground balls and running clears which requires a head that is durable and strong yet able to accommodate for light offensive play. For the best LSM heads we recommend the following options for ideal performance.

#1-  STX Stallion 700

STX Stallion LSM 2017

We can not talk enough about the Stallion 700 and its amazingly versatile profile, making it especially ideal for LSM. STX optimized the Stallion 700 to really hit the sweet spot for LSM by making it 25% stronger and 5% lighter than it’s previous model.  This head has everything a long stick midfielder could look for by making the Stallion 700 not only super light but extremely durable. LSM’s are largely responsible for making those ground ball plays and creating the transition to offense. The Stallion 700‘s tight face shape is a great feature for increasing ball security during clears and riding out the checks. STX’s new speed scoop design with the Stallion 700 makes picking up ground balls effortless for long poles. The reduced friction through the rounded Speed Scoop creates less drag and allows poles to run right through ground balls when scooping.  LSM’s will also love the reinforced design with STX‘s famous Stallion sidewall profile and improved C-Channel Technology.  This combination helps distribute stress throughout the head and greatly improves the overall strength of the head.  The Stallion 700 is a perfect choice for the long stick middie with an aggressive play style and is looking to play a little bit of offense every now and then.



#2- Under Armour Command

Command U LSM 2017

The Under Armour Command is a true do it all head with arguably one of the most diverse performance portfolios possible. Offering a stiff and durable profile paired with an aggressive face shape, this head is an easy choice for an LSM. Made with all-weather nylon, the Under Armour Command is able to hold up in any temperature, hot or cold and holds it’s face shape integrity without question. The Command is a ground ball machine with a rounded Glide Scoop that lets you scoop up GB’s from any angle with ease, a feature LSMs absolutely love. Going back to the Command‘s amazing  face shape and sidewall design allowing for easy catching and complete ball control.  There are also a ton of stringing holes along this sidewall so lacing this bad boy up with a perfect mid-high pocket is a complete breeze.  The Command is the perfect LSM head for the player who is always finding themselves in a ground ball battle or just has the ball in their stick often.


#3- Maverik Centrik

Centrik LSM 2017

The Maverik Centrik the most versatile head in Maverik‘s line up.  This head is truly able to play both sides of the field and is the product of tons of new technology through R&D.  Maverik’s new 3 strut design makes for a super rigid head which is perfect for the heavy slap checks. Aside from its stiff profile the Centrik also holds an amazing face shape for carrying the ball. When the Centrik is strung up it forms a nice mid-high pocket by default, with a comfortable amount of hold and whip which is perfect for handling the ball with a long pole. The big draw aside from the super stiff profile with the Centrik is its ability to operate as a completely offensive capable head. While clearing is always a top priority for the LSM, the Centrik offers them the ability to remain an aggressive offensive player. The Centrik is ideal for the elite LSM who likes to carry the ball down the field and sling an absolute bullet towards the goal from time to time.


#4- Nike Lakota U

Lakota U LSM 2017

The Nike Lakota U is one of the more tested and truely popular LSM heads in recent years.  players really love the nice wide scoop and upper face shape with the great durability of this head. Even though it is one of the lightest heads on the market, the Lakota U is a very durable option that remains stiff after all the abuse.  While its designed for the offensive player, the Lakota‘s maximum pinch offers the best ball control and added hold a pole could ask for with a durable head. The Lakota U is a true favorite of the LSM who is always going after the ball and is that transitional player that pushes the ball to the offense.


#5- Epoch Prequel

Epoch Prequel Head LSM 2017

Yes, the Epoch Prequel is a very very good option for LSM. The Prequel is made with some extremely durable plastic, like one year warranty durable, like industry best warranty. Epoch is the leader in new lacrosse technology and has been at the forefront of new materials research. The Prequel offers a next level durability that cannot be matched for it’s weight class. Epoch injected this head with composite polymer which increases the strength of the head significantly.  That mixed with the level 3 FlexiQ makes the Prequel a force to be reckoned with on either side of the field. There is a ton of technology and effort that goes into producing this head, which is why it is considered such a versatile and durable head. On top of all the technical aspects that make this head great, there are a ton of stringing holes and offers a great bottom rail for a mid high pocket ideal for LSM. In addition, Epoch used zone 3 mid-deep pocket technology for the deepest pocket allowed by NCAA Specs.



Best Defense Lacrosse Heads for 2017


Top 5 Defense Heads

Finding a defense head to last the abuse is of this game and hold up all season long is no easy task. There is nothing worse then having your defense head break mid season and leave you dealing with a back up.  It’s important to have a stiff and durable lacrosse head that will last you all the season without warping or breaking.  Below is our list of the top 5 best defense heads for the 2017 season.

#1- STX Hammer 500

STX Hammer 500

The STX Hammer 500 delivers in a big way as the premier defense head on today’s market featuring unrivaled performance. STX gained a big leg up on the innovative cycle with the huge success of previous models and absolutely nailed the Hammer 500 upgrades. Loaded with updated looks, new face shape, and overall performance this head sets the bar extremely high for a defense head. Perhaps the most popular new feature from STX was the introduction of their Speed Scoop technology for reduced drag on ground balls for easily won possessions. Giving long poles a huge advantage heading into a ground ball war that perviously came as a handicap. The Hammer 500 also uses an updated three strut sidewall brace design, quickly turning this head into the stiffest head on the market. Paired with the three strut wall brace STX included their C-Channel technology in the base of the head to help distribute stress and increase durability. A tighter face shape on the Hammer 500 brings amazing hold while still remaining wide enough to batt down passes, a balance that has been a long time struggle for defensive heads. Aside from the huge performance boost, the Hammer 500 is also one of the most visually appealing heads with updated textures and aggressive styling. Overall, STX created the complete package for a defense head that will hold up all season and offer more performance then ever previously available. If you are a defenseman looking to upgrade to the best this season, this is the head for you.



#2- Maverik Tank


The Maverik Tank has been trusted by defensemen for years and offers great all around performance. The Tank has an extremely wide face shape, traditional for defense and great for all around defensive play.  A wide face shape makes it easier to catch and batt down passes while on defense and can help vacuum up ground balls. The Tank uses Maverik‘s Level 5 bottom rail making it ideal for a high pocket which helps on two fronts. It provides control immediately off the ground balls and gives you that quick release that defense-men require when moving the ball.  Next, the True Form technology will keep the Tank in the shape that it was intended after checks and long-term abuse. This is a huge advantage of the Tank because while there have always been “defensive” heads on the market, the Tank was the first to implement strategic strengthening. This will make sure that the Tank holds the same shape and won’t warp as quickly as other heads making it ideal for defense. The new 4-strut design also assists in this and gives you the stiffness you desire on defense.  The Tank includes a two screw hole design to remove any chance of it rattling on your shaft which can come quick with the defensive abuse.  A defender wants every possible advantage when it comes to ground-balls, checks, and picking off passes and the Tank can provide that competitive advantage. If you are looking for a great all around defensive head, the Tank is a perfect fit for you.



#3- Warrior Regulator MAX


The Warrior Regulator MAX lacrosse head is an ideal head for defense-men who like to throw the heavy checks.  This is probably the most rigid head on the market and is sure to leave a mark or break a few heads.  Warrior added reinforcement on the Regulator MAX in several key areas to  increase the the durability and stiffness of this head. The Regulator Max  is designed for straight up abuse, this is a head you can have huge confidence in when abusing in games for heavy checks and running through ground balls.  Warrior added several other new performance technologies in this head such as Tilt-Tech for superior stringing capability, which will allow you to string better pockets and increase ball control. Warrior’s new MAX Design with SYMRAIL brings a significant increase in stiffness and rigidity throughout the head. The Regulator MAX also features Loc-Throat Technology which secures a superior fit to any shaft from the inside for a rattle free set up.  The Regulator Max is definitely a head feared by attack-men but loved by the defense, if you are a defenseman that loves to dish out the pain then this is the head for you.



#4- STX Stallion U 550


The Stallion u 500 is a head that can be used all over the field but we have seen defensemen take to by storm at Universal Lacrosse and for good reason. The Stallion u 550 is loved by middies because of it’s elite ball control and extreme durability, turns out defenseman love that too. It’s a unique blend of characteristics that plays a fine between what typically every defenseman would like to see with a defense head. The Stallion U 550 really lends its self to a well rounded defenseman who is looking for some extra ball control without sacrificing strength.  STX used an updated throat design on the Stallion U 550  to help strengthen the base of this head which is super important for long poles because of all the extra stress at the throat of the head. Along with the updated throat the Stallion U 550 uses a seemingly beefy profile for increased durability but remains light weight by design with two load baring sidewall struts. Additionally, this head features C-Channel technology and provides extra durability through checking and ground balls. The Stallion U 550 is a favorite because of it’s overall weight, strength, face shape and it’s great “string-ability”.  The pocket in a Stallion U 550 can truly fit a defense player with a mid to high pocket which allows for the ball to sit perfectly in the shooting, passing, or clearing position. Although it may look like a beefier head, it is 5% lighter than the original and will be a perfect fit for any aggressive defense-men who like to cross the midfield line. If you are confident in your stick skills and are looking for a tighter defense head that will last all season, the Stallion u 550 is a great option for you.



#5- Warrior Regulator X


The Warrior Regulator X is very similar to the Regulator Max except it lends it’s self to a more finesse type defenseman with a lighter design and pinched face shape. The key difference is it doesn’t have the MAX technology for added support in key locations but also does not include the excess weight either. With that being said, the head still is extremely stiff and durable while maintaining a lighter profile making it ideal for quick precision.  Warrior LOC-Throat technology eliminates shaft rattle and adds ultimate stability by connecting the head to any shaft from the inside for a more secure fit. The Regulator X features a mid-high sidewall design which caters to a mid/high pocket for easy quick clears and fast ball control after during ground balls.  The Warrior Sym-Rail technology eliminates excess weight and provides maximum stiffness for increased durability throughout the head.  The Regulator X is engineered for maximum power, stability, and versatility giving you the edge on both sides of the field.  This head is ideal for a quick defenseman who runs up the field and scoring a quick goal or playing around with the offense every now and then. If your the type of defenseman that enjoys breaking past that mid field line every once and while, then the Regulator X is a great head for you.


Overall it’s been an amazing journey for the defense head over the last 10 years with mile stone improvements in the last 3 years. It is great to see manufactures really focus on this side of the game and provide defensemen the gear their style of play demands. Lastly, we hope this served as an informative guide to your next defense head, if you didn’t find what you were looking for here be sure to shop all of our lacrosse heads or shop by brand with Universal Lacrosse!

Best Middie Lacrosse Heads for 2017


Top 5 Best Middie Heads

The midfielder (or middie) demands a head that can do it all on the field from offense to defense. There are many lacrosse heads that can specifically handle offense or defense extremely well, but only a few that can dominate both. If you are looking for a new elite two way middie head; here is our recommended guide for the best middie heads of 2017.

#1- STX Stallion 700

#1- STX Stallion 700

The STX Stallion 700 lacrosse head took the midfield by storm this season with all new features geared towards the elite two way middie. The Stallion 700 offers the seemingly perfect balance of offensive precision and defensive power along with some impressive new features. STX included their newly developed Speed Scoop with the Stallion 700, offering quick and effortless ground balls through a specially rounded scoop creating less drag while scooping.  Midfielders love this new Speed Scoop because it is 100% effective and simply helps win possessions. The redesigned sidewall brace builds on the iconic Stallion design but with a 25% increase in stiffness while shaving off an extra 5% in overall weight. The increased stiffness can immediately be felt and creates a more durable head for defense while remaining super light for offense.  C-Channel technology is utilized to distribute stress along the sidewalls of the Stallion 700 providing an overall increase in strength and stability. Aside from the increased performance traits, the Stallion 700 also received a big face lift from previous versions with a new aggressive styling. STX did an amazing job by adding new textures and coring out excess weight making the Stallion 700 really stand above the rest. Lastly, and possibly our favorite feature is the new ergonomic throat design. The new throat design provides a noticeably better grip and gets your hands closer to the ball while one handed cradling or dodging for added control.  Top to bottom the Stallion 700 is a winner for any two way player looking for the complete performance package.


#2- Maverik Tactik

#2- Maverik Tactik

Maverik set the bar high with the release of the Tactik for middies looking for the optimal two way head. The Tactik offers a stiff profile with the ideal face shape for playing both sides of the field. Maverik really did a good job of balancing this head with a great pinch and offset for offensive precision. Maverik included a new optimal release point with the Tactik for increased control and hold. Not only is this great for handling the ball on a clear it also maintains a high level energy transfer when passing and shooting for offense. For even more added control the Tactik uses a Level 3 Bottom Rail design specifically for a mid pocket. Aside from the clear offensive performance, the Tactik is as durable as they come with an enhanced sidewall profile featuring  Maverik‘s new X-Rail Technology. This new feature helps distribute stress to the opposite rail bringing a lightweight and stiff profile to the Tactik. Constructed in the USA with Maverik‘s new Duratough material, this head offers a durability and weather resistance that is hard to match. The Tactik lends it’s self to both sides of the field effortlessly and has quickly become a favorite amongst top tier middies. If you are looking for a two way middie head that can dominate the offensive side of the field like an attack head but dish it out like the defensive guys, this is a great option for you.


#3- Nike Lakota U

#3- Nike Lakota U

The Nike Lakota U quickly rose to the top upon its release 2 years ago and continues to dominate amongst newly released heads while remaining unchanged. It will be hard to find a midfielder that wouldn’t be able to enjoy using a Lakota because it simply works. Nike did an amazing job with keeping the Lakota U ultra light-weight at 4.8 oz while keeping a super stiff profile. Nike‘s light-weight design paired with the Lakota U‘s narrow pinch makes it a perfect match for the offensive middie. Nike designed the bottom rail specifically for a midhigh pocket making it an ideal set up for shooters during transition. The Lakota U’s short throat design is an overlooked performance feature ideal for middies carrying the ball through both sides of the field. The short throat offers more control with a closer hand placement that let’s dodge with confidence through clears. The Lakota U has been a solid choice for midfielders who can play both sides but look for that extra offensive advantage. If you are looking for a middie head that is light weight, durable and stings corners then this is the head for you.


#4- Maverik Centrik

#4- Maverik Centrik

The Maverik Centrik is meant for an elite player looking to play both sides of the field and to do it all.  The Centrik is arguably Maverik‘s most versatile head by design, making it perfect for any type of middie. The Centrik offers true two way performance for midfielders with dominating offensive power and impressive durability. Featuring a pinched throat and narrow face shape the Centrik is a great option for midfielders looking to run with the ball. The Centrik’s level 4 bottom rail creates a perfect midhigh pocket for increased ball control and shot velocity on offense. Finely tuned pockets come easy with the Centrik’s 17 sidewall holes also making it a stringers dream. Aside from the offensive updates, Maverik‘s new 3 strut sidewall design balances weight  and stress throughout the head helping increase overall strength. This new sidewall was also engineered to reduce weight through strategic coring of excess material. Maverik really did a good job of keeping the Centrik so well balanced for midfielders. It is hard to find a head that is so simple and effective which is why it is seen all over the field. If you are looking for a head that is an overall work horse on the field like you, then the Centrik is a great option.


#5- Nike CEO

The Nike CEO not only dominates the face-off X but also can be used on the offensive end of the field as well.  Having a perfect amount of flex combined with a narrow face, the CEO is great for the pinch and pop as well as sniping some corners too.  This head is extremely versatile and a favorite of midfielders at every level. The CEO provides a wide upper face shape for eating up passes on a tight feed while also having a narrow throat for great control over the ball. This face shape also offers one of the best channels there is in lacrosse and provides extreme accuracy. It’s consistency for passing and shooting is what lends itself to the midfielder who loves to control the ball. The CEO utilizes a simple design that hasn’t been touched in years because of it’s extreme popularity. This head is Nike‘s masterpiece and has been at the top of our best seller list for years. If your in the market for a head that has been trusted by middies for years and offers some added offensive precision, the CEO is a perfect option for you.


Overall, the formula remained the same for heads that dominate the midfield; offensive precision and defensive capability. A two way head truly needs to do it all in todays fast pace game where transitions and line swaps cost goals. It is always interesting to see what technologies from offense and defense melt into the perfect head for midfield. We hope this list was able to point you in the direction for a two way head that fits your style. If not, be sure to check out our full offering of lacrosse heads or shop by your favorite brand with Universal Lacrosse!