Maverik Adds The Havok To Their Head Lineup

Maverik Havok Scoop Angle

The Maverik Havok is the newest head to be introduced by the lacrosse company. This time around the Havok is a head specifically designed for long stick midfielders and defensemen. The head includes a plethora of new and existing technology to create another classic head from Maverik.


Maverik Havok Side

The Havok has the best in class strength to weight ratio meaning that while the head is incredibly light. Its construction and materials used to make it deliver strength better than anything else out right now. With checks and ground ball battles being a huge part of the LSM and defensemen’s game, having a strong head that won’t break on you in the middle of a game is extremely vital. Maverik achieves this two ways, DURATOUGH and X-RAIL technologies. DURATOUGH is the material that comprises the head, this allows for the Havok to be stiff, durable and consistent enough for harsh weather conditions. X-RAIL technology disperses the stress put upon the opposite rails evenly so bending the head won’t cause it to snap.

The Havok also includes Ground Control. This is a special scoop angle allows for ground balls to be scooped up with ease. A level 4 bottom rail is also implemented. This is perfect for a mid-high pocket string-up. Keeping hold and control of the ball after picking it up is achieved without even trying.

The Havok is to be released on the Fourth of July just in time for the end of summer lacrosse tournaments and fall ball.  You can get yours at

STX Unveils New Hammer 500 EnduraForm Head

STX has recently released information regarding their new and improved Hammer 500 EnduraForm technology with its new proprietary material blend for enhanced performance. This is the second head they have recreated with new EnduraForm material that helps these heads stand the extreme temperatures. The Hammer 500 EnduraForm will be one of the best defensive heads on the market, with newer technology this head will be more durable than its predecessor which was already a dominating top seller.

EnduraForm is a relatively new technology that only STX offers that helps increase the longevity of their products. They were on a search for a better material to build heads with, and that’s when they discovered EnduraForm. The results from the testing of materials said that it is 25% stiffer in warmer temperatures while 15% more durable while at colder temperatures. This innovation helps players be able to use heads at peak performance at any time of the year.

The new Hammer 500 EnduraForm is available now for preorder from select retailers. Be sure to pick up yours while you can at Universal Lacrosse online or in store!

New STX Rival Helmet Customizer

You’ve probably seen all the top schools with awesome color ways of the new STX Rival helmet. With our new Rival helmet customizer, you can create one of your own and have it for yourself! STX unveiled the Rival helmet this year with new and improved designs to help make players better protected while looking stylish. With new TPU cushioning technology, it helps protects key areas from high impact plays to prevent head injuries. With the new design, it gives 70% better ventilation which helps your head stay cool while playing.

The STX Rival has created a lot of buzz around the lacrosse community with all the custom looks you can create. At Universal, we created a helmet customizer to help make your dream helmet become a reality. With our all-new customizer, you can pick and choose between many colors STX has to offer. You can customize many aspects of this helmet such as the type of finish on the helmet to what color the jaw piece is.

The #STXRival is available for purchase. Will you pick yours up?

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You can customize your new STX Rival helmet at Universal Lacrosse with our all new customizer. Come to see for yourself all the new colors and styles you can create!

Scarlet Knights End Winning Season with Bright Spots

The Rutgers Men’s lacrosse team had another winning season lead by coach Brian Brecht. The Scarlet Knights had an impressive 7-1 record at home with an overall season record of 9-6. With wins against Penn State, Lehigh, Syracuse and Delaware, and a very close loss against John Hopkins University, the Knights proved to be able to step up and play well in big games.


Rutgers’ offense seemed to be rolling this year with a total of 168 goals scored on opponents, as well as 102 assists. They shot .329 for the season with their most output coming from Jules Heningburg, a senior from Maplewood, NJ, providing the team with a staggering 37 goals and 35 assists for the season. Jules was helped by fellow attackmen Kieran Mullins, a sophomore from ISLIP, NY, by contributing an additional 31 goals and 17 assists. Together the two finishers had an impressive season with remarkable games against Delaware, Michigan and Fairfield.


While the Knights proved dominant at home they struggled away with an overall 2-4 record. In the Big Ten Semi-final, facing Maryland away, the Rutgers Men’s team found the game not going their way. With big performances from Jules Heningburg and Connor Vercruysse throughout the game, it just wasn’t enough to put the Knights ahead allowing Maryland to grab a 12-9 win and a place in the tournament final. When asked what went wrong, Senior Captain Austin Divitcos stated, “Some things didn’t go our way, Maryland’s a good team and things didn’t fall for us today.”

Awards were given out at the end of the season to three seniors for their accomplished and remarkable seasons as well as collegiate careers for the team. Jules Heningburg was named to the All-American second team as well as being named First team All-Big Ten, he was also drafted in the first round of the MLL draft by the Florida Launch. While Michael Rexrode was named to the All-American third team, he is also a finalist for the senior CLASS Award and was also drafted in the second round by the Florida Launch. An honorable mention selection was given out to Christian Mazzone, who was drafted in the third round by the Ohio Machine.

Overall the Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse team had a great season and are poised to do the same next spring with many returning players and top recruits coming in.



Warrior Continues to Revolutionize Lacrosse

Revolutionary for 25 Years

For over 25 years Dave Morrow and his company Warrior have pushed the limits and tested the boundaries of the sport of lacrosse. Today’s equipment has been loosely adapted from the original equipment used since the creation of the sport. A stick, a head and string or mesh to create a pocket to catch and hold the ball has been the means for over 300 years. With this comes the constant responsibility to maintain and keep your pocket at the perfect tension, stiffness and size.

In Dave Morrow’s eyes this creates inefficiency and a knowledge gap between players who know how to upkeep their pockets and players or newcomers who have no idea at all about how to properly maintain their pocket. Watching Warrior’s video, Dave mentions this disparity as the only difference between Lacrosse and other sports played in large masses. Sports such as soccer and basketball the only product maintenance is making sure the balls have enough air in them. As well as hockey where players only need to worry about taping their stick.

A Better Vision for the Sport

To solve this inequity Morrow and Warrior have worked to create a product that inherently has its intended performance and feel right out of the box. The next step in lacrosse pockets are the Warrior Warp heads. The Warrior Warp lineup is the first to include a built in, pre-strung, no maintenance pocket into a lacrosse head. They are all ready to use right after screwing it onto a shaft.

Not only have these heads been a smart buy for newcomers and novice players because of its simplicity and care free playability. Its also been a success with professional lacrosse players. Warrior has teamed up with MLL stars such as Paul Rabil and Tucker Durkin as well as others to test and get their reactions on this new technology. The pros have unanimously said that not only is the Warp lineup a group of great products but also the future of the sport. Dave Morrow takes this to heart as one of his main objectives with this idea is to grow the game and share it with others who would have otherwise been timid to pick up a stick.

The entire Warrior Warp lineup is available for purchase at 

Yale Takes Home The 2018 D1 Men’s Lacrosse Championship!

Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse Championship Recap



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What an exciting weekend in the world of lacrosse as Yale took home the trophy at the end of it all. Here we will have a quick recap of all the of exciting games that happened over Memorial Day Weekend and highlight all the top gear that they had.

Yale vs. Albany

Yale had a tough semifinal opponent as they had to face Albany, one of the nations best offenses during the regular season. From the start, Yale had dominated Albany in every aspect of the game which is why they had such a large lead from the start. Yale outscored the Danes 7 to 1 in the first quarter alone. Albany did not have enough to make a strong comeback, Yale cruised to the victory as they went on to win 20-11.

Duke vs. Maryland

Duke had a big task at hand while going on to face Maryland, the defending national champions, where Maryland was the favorite. Duke was able to shut out Maryland in the first quarter which is rare for a talented team like Maryland and struggled on the offensive side. Justin Guterding led the way for the Blue Devils as he had a total of 6 points. Duke was able to limit Connor Kelly to only 2 total points on the day and Duke had a convincing win over the defending national champs.

Duke vs. Yale

For the National Championship Game, it was no surprise that both teams would have momentum going into the final game. Yale came out with a 6-4 lead at half in a defensive battle as goals were hard to come by. Matt Gaudet led the way for the Bulldogs as he had a total of 4 goals while Ben Reeves had 1 goal and 3 assists to help secure the programs first ever title. Duke started to capture some momentum near the end of the game, but it was not enough to get the win. Yale went on to win 13-11 in a thrilling championship game for the programs first ever championship.

This moment will last a lifetime. 🏆 #NCAALAX

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A big congratulations to the Yale lacrosse team for winning its first-ever title! If you have seen all the custom gear on display this past weekend, it is available at our site and our new helmet customizer to help design your dream helmet. While introducing new styles, you can get whatever look you are trying to get and it is now easier than ever!

STX Releases Highly Anticipated Ultra Power and Exult 600

In the midst of the final four winding down for women’s and men’s college lacrosse, two new products were released in the middle of the Final Four frenzy from STX for both sides of the game.

Introducing the Ultra Power

STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head

For the men, the brand new Ultra Power Lacrosse head was unveiled, showing off the company’s new patent pending sidewall profile. The Ultra Power takes inspiration from the sport of Jai alai which uses a distinct head like glove that can accelerate the speed of the ball when thrown to over 150 mph. With this in mind, STX decided to create their Power Ramp technology to try and capture the speed reached in Jai alai. While speed was a priority for the design, control was also extremely important which is why STX created a deeper offset to the head for added control and feel for the ball in the pocket. The Ultra Power is available in black and white.


The New Exult 600

STX introduced the Exult 600 Lacrosse head for women. The Exult 600 is packed with new tech and added durability. This new head includes STX‘s C-Channel technology which adds reinforced performance with an impressive strength to weight ratio. Also new 10 degree technology allows for the ball to move to the pocket’s sweet spot for incredible control and feel. Lastly STX implemented their speed scoop technology for the Exult 600. This allows for player to quickly scoop the ball from the ground without worrying about breaking the stick. The Exult 600 is available in two colors, black and white.


Both heads deliver new and groundbreaking technology from STX. Each give elite players the necessary tools to excel and compete at the highest level. Both products are available for purchase at


2018 Men’s Lacrosse NCAA First Round Review

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.42.42 PM

A big shakeup in the lacrosse tournament this past weekend as some teams look to make it to Memorial Day Weekend for a chance at this year’s title. Some powerhouse schools went down this weekend as two major teams fell to the underdog in the first round. This was not a typical year of playoffs as many teams had trouble in the first round and some surprising comebacks as well. Here we’ll go into detail on who is still in the running to make it to May 28th to hopefully capture a championship.

NCAA Lacrosse First Round Overview

Game Day.

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The biggest upset of the weekend was Notre Dame getting beat 9-7 by lower-seeded Denver as Trevor Baptiste led the way as he leads Divison 1 in total career faceoff wins. This game showed Notre Dame’s inability to play consistently as it showed during most of the season by their 9-6 record. Denver was led by Austin French with 3 goals and 3 assists to end the season of the Fighting Irish. Ryder Garnsey led the way for Notre Dame with 4 goals, but it was not enough to edge the Pioneers. Denver is set to play Albany this upcoming Saturday which is going to be an exciting matchup of the two best FOGO’s in the nation.

Syracuse’s season was upended by unranked Cornell as we all knew this game was going to be close. The Orange are known this season for making games uncomfortably close as this was their 7th game with only a 1 goal difference. Cornell was fit for an upset of Syracuse as defeated the Orange earlier in the season 13-8. The Big Red was led by Clark Petterson who had 5 goals in the matchup and was an X-factor for Cornell. Syracuse fought hard with major plays from some of their key players such as attackman Brendan Bomberry who had an unbelievable no-look assist, which you can find on ESPN. With this upset, Cornell is set to take on top-seeded Maryland on Sunday to try and continue their first tournament appearance since 2013.

Take a lap.

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One of the more exciting games of the weekend was John Hopkins taking on Georgetown. Hopkins has a knack for making great comebacks as they were down 8-4 going into the fourth quarter. Georgetown played a phenomenal game as they were very close to closing out a big upset over #5 Hopkins, but Kyle Marr had 4 straight goals in the 4th quarter to bring them back and the game-winner in overtime. The Blue Jays were not unfamiliar with overtime as most of their games are decided by a few goals and even defeated Maryland after 3 overtimes two weeks ago. Georgetown’s Craig Berge led the stat sheet with 2 goals and 4 assists, but it was not enough to take down the Blue Jays. Hopkins is set to take on the Duke Blue Devils on Sunday which will be another exciting and high-scoring game in the quarterfinals.

NCAA Quarters. Sunday. Noon. Annapolis. #BeTheBest

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Maryland had a tough time taking down Robert Morris in a matchup that seemed one-sided on paper. Robert Morris came out firing with a 6-3 lead over the top-ranked Maryland which took people by a huge surprise. Many people overlooked RMU as they had to beat Canisius in the play-in round and were expected to be overwhelmed by the Terps. Maryland came out of halftime back in their groove and scored a total of 11 goals in the second half alone. It is hard to stop a high-powered offense led by one of the nation’s best players Connor Kelly, who had 4 goals to lead the Terps. Robert Morris came out with 4 goals in the fourth to make it a closer game but were unable to pull off the complete comeback. Maryland is set to take on Cornell on Sunday.

Loyola also had a tough opponent of Virginia in the first round as it was a hard-fought game through all four quarters. Virginia ended up almost setting themselves up for a comeback in the fourth as they scored 6 goals to make it a 2 goal difference. The Greyhounds were in control the whole entire game while scoring 10 total goals in the first half alone. The Loyola offense, led by Pat Spencer who 5 points, clicked early but eventually cooled down in the second half. Virginia came out slower than Loyola which showed in the box score, but Dox Aitkin led the charge for the Cavaliers with 4 goals. Virginia fell short but made it a close game in the end with putting pressure on Loyola, but the Greyhounds were able to close out the game and make it to the next round.

With all of this early excitement in the tournament we are expecting a great playoff run by all of the remaining  teams. We are sure to see a ton of new looks from these advancing programs as manufactures such as STX, Under Armour, Cascade, Maverik & Warrior are sure to pull out all the stops with new styles and gear for the big spot light on Memorial Day Weekend!




Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018

Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018

It’s important to protect your hands! So we bring you our Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018 to make sure you get the best gloves possible for your season. We are taking a look all the best gloves and rating them on their mobility, comfort, and protection. There has been many new gloves released this year so the options can be overwhelming. This list will help you take a wide angle view on all of your options and pick the best pair for you. All of these gloves have their own positives so only you can make the final decision. Here is our list for the Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018.

#1 – Maverik M4

The Maverik M4 is the #1 custom glove in lacrosse but that’s not what puts it on top. The M4 is designed classic fit to allow more room for your fingers and back of the hands. To go along with the extra room, Maverik has added FlowCool venting technology to provide airflow and allow heat to disperse quickly. The Maverik M4 gloves also have a combination of Ax Suede and Inhaler mesh palms. This give you enhanced feel with the peace of mind knowing the palms of your gloves will last multiple seasons. For a liner, Maverik put a 37.5 technology in the M4’s, this liner creates faster sweat evaporation times inside the gloves. Like most of Maverik’s gloves the M4’s have a Sharkgel padding in the thumb for added protection and increased dexterity and mobility.

Maverik M4



#2 – STX Cell 4

The STX Cell 4 gloves are the next edition in the Cell line and they certainly do not disappoint. The Cell line has always been some of the most comfortable and flexible pieces of equipment in the game, and you can expect that level of comfort, flexible and protection in the Cell 4 gloves. The STX Cell 4 gloves have GeoFlex II protection along the back of hand and thumb maximizing protecting while keeping them super comfortable. STX has added a new Flared cuff system to the Cell 4’s giving you more range of motion and increased mobility. The palm’s of the Cell 4 gloves are AX suede for unmatched feel an a vent for increased moisture management and durability.

STX Cell 4


#3 – Nike Vapor Elite 2018

If you are looking for a low profile glove with maximum protection then the Nike Vapor Elite glove is for you. The Vapor Elite glove have AX suede palms with gripper print for incredible feel and grip. Nike has added new ventilation to keep the Vapor Elite’s cool and comfortable. The Nike Vapor Elite’s have a low profile cuff that increases mobility with no loss of protection. Nike has precisely shaped padding allowing an increase in flexibility and protection. These gloves are perfect for player looking to play fast.

Nike Vapor Elite


#4 – STX Surgeon 500

You don’t need to be a doctor to rock the STX Surgeon 500 gloves. With an AX suede palm and seamless design techniques the STX Surgeon 500 gloves have elite feel and control. The Surgeon 500 gloves offer Climate Control on the back of the hand, this keeps you hands cool in the heat and a spot to place a heat pack for the cold days. STX reinforced the thumb blocks with carbon-fiber and added compression pads for more protection while one-handed cradling. To top it off, the STX Surgeon 500 gloves have ISO Thumb Technology for natural feel and 360 rotation.

STX Surgeon 500Shop-Now

#5 – Warrior Burn Pro 2018

Warrior Burn Pro gloves are the top of the line for protection and comfort. The Burn Pro’s have TotalFLX+ technology providing maximum mobility and wrist rotation in the cuff. Warrior put Impax LT foam in the back of the hand to add protection while reducing weight. The Warrior Burn Pro gloves have an Authentic Palm Pro+, this is Warrior‘s simplest palm construction and provides unbelievable comfort and feel. If a lower profile glove is what you seek the Burn Pro‘s have LowPro construction which has a 16.7% lower profiles and sacrifices no loss of protection. To keep your hands cool Warrior has put in a Truvent system allowing for the most ventilation, and optimal protection.

Warrior BURN proShop-Now

Top Defensive Heads of 2018

Top Defensive Heads of 2018

They say defense wins championships. So here is our list for the top defensive heads of 2018 so you can have the best equipment to take home the ship. Defensive heads need to be durable. With all the slap, poke, and wrap checks its safe to say your defensive head is going to take a beating. Having a head that can take a beating and allow you to move the ball up the field is incredibly important with the pace of the game today. Here is our top defensive heads of 2018.

#1 – STX Hammer 500

The STX Hammer 500 is a staple in the defensive half of the field. You will not find a better balance of durability, and functionality. Designed with a new optimal pinch, the STX Hammer 500 provides an incredible combination of catching ability, pass deflection and ball control. This makes the Hammer 500 a solid 2 way threat with an emphasis on defense. STX has given the Hammer 500 added protection with the strike plates on the shoulders. This adds even more durability to an already durable head. As with all of STX’s new heads, the Hammer 500 has a speed scoop which decreases drag and allows you to scoop and go faster than you ever have.

STX Hammer 500


#2 – Warrior Regulator MAX

The Warrior Regulator MAX is designed for the true defensive player. Warrior reinforced the Regulator MAX in several key areas to heavily increase the heads durability. This added reinforcement in the Regulator MAX, makes the head very reliable when shooting and passing. Warrior has added a loc-throat to eliminate head rattle and add stability. With symrail technology, the Regulator MAX has reduced weight but is still strong enough to hold up while delivering a check. The Warrior Regulator MAX is the perfect head for that takeaway defender.

Warrior Regulator MAX


#3 – ECD Rebel Defense

If you want to dominate both sides of the ball, the ECD Rebel Defense is the head for you. ECD gave the Rebel Defense a super aggressive face shape which is perfect for ripping corners and taking the ball. The Rebel Defense is the stiffest head ECD has to offer and will deliver the strongest checks in the game. ECD redesigned the scoop allowing for the easiest pick ups from any angle. Also, like every ECD product the Rebel Defense is proudly made in the USA.

ECD Rebel Defense


#4 – Maverik Tank

The Maverik Tank is a pass blocking machine. It has a wide faced design to make pass blocking a breeze and picks up ground balls with ease. The Maverik Tank has a level 5 bottom rail which creates a high pocket for faster control off the ground ball and a quick release. The 4-strut design makes the Tank the stiffest head in Maverik‘s line up. Maverik has added True Form Design to the Tank, making sure that it will keep its shape through seasons of beatings. The Tank also has 2 screw holes so you know it’s not going anywhere.

Maverik Tank


#5 – Warrior Burn 2 MAX

If you’re a defenseman that likes to rip corners then the Warrior Burn 2 MAX is for you. Designed with tighter face shape for optimal transition play, and maximum toughness. The Burn 2 MAX‘s bottom rail is designed for a mid pocket placement. This allows for added hold and control. Warrior has redesigned the scoop of the Burn 2 MAX to pick up ground balls super fast. Sym-Flex has been added to the scoop and bottom rail of the Warrior Burn 2 MAX to help maximize accuracy on long passes and shot power. With the MAX design the Burn 2 MAX is built to be a defensive power house and is the perfect head for a defensive middie.

Warrior Burn 2 MAX